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We apply the optical nanocircuit concepts to design and analyze in detail a three-dimensional (3D) plasmonic nanotransmission line network that may act as a relatively broadband negative-refraction metamaterial at infrared and optical frequencies. After discussing the heuristic concepts in our theory, we show full-wave analytical results of the expected behavior of such materials, which show increased bandwidth and relative robustness to losses. The possibility and constraints of getting a 3D fully isotropic response are also explored and conditions for minimal losses and increased bandwidth are discussed. Full-wave analytical results for some design examples employing realistic plasmonic materials at infrared and optical frequencies are also presented, and the case of a subwavelength imaging system using a slab of this material is numerically investigated.

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Journal Article

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January 2007


Reprinted in Physical Review B, Volume 75, Issue 2, January 2007, Article 024304, 20 pages.
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metamaterials; optical materials; light refraction; refractive index; integrated optics; nanotechnology



Date Posted: 14 March 2007

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