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EdelGive Foundation, set up in 2008, is the philanthropic arm of the Edelweiss Group. Through the last decade, EdelGive has primarily been a grant-making organization supporting small and mid-sized NGOs across India. Additionally, it has become a connecting platform between grant makers/donors and credible NGOs across the country. Its endeavor is to build sustainable institutions and organizations that promote societal growth and innovation and advance the common good by bringing the skills, resources and talents of for-profit business to the not-for-profit world. Logically, collaboration across sectors and with groups having complementary skills and resources can help build and scale sustainable models to address perennial societal issues. However, few philanthropists or other actors collaborate when aiming to confront some of the most challenging issues of our times. This is how EdelGive Foundation differentiates itself from its peers. EdelGive Foundation has worked to build collaborative philanthropic ecosystems and platforms for collective action to produce long-term, sustainable and holistic impact. The case draws upon giving trends and traditions in pre- and post-partition India. Philanthropy in India has deep historical, cultural and religious roots; pre-partition India saw the emergence of wealthy families as a result of industrialization. In fact, philanthropy had played a key role in strengthening the independence movement in India. From industrialization in pre-partition India to post-partition nation building, the case looks at the birth of Edelweiss group as a result of India`s economic liberalization in the 1990s. The successful business group created its CSR arm – EdelGive Foundation – which has benefitted hundreds of thousands of people directly and indirectly by building the capacity of non-governmental organizations. The case highlights EdelGive`s journey over the years.


frontier Philanthropy, Global South Philanthropy, edelGive Foundation, Impact Philanthropy, NGO, India Foundations, Sustainbility, India



Date Posted: 19 February 2021