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The founders of Future Africa created the Foundation (FAF) in 2013 to give underprivileged children the chance to access good quality education in a healthy environment. One of its stated aims is to educate the masses about environmental issues including plastic waste, recycling and preservation with a view to building healthy environments and creating sustainable businesses for improved livelihoods. The Foundation differentiates itself by taking a 360° view of multiple intertwined problems: lack of access to quality education, women’s empowerment, environmental protection practices, sustainable businesses – all through improved waste management solutions. The Foundation aims to dive deep and address the root causes of these burgeoning issues. It takes a circular economy-like approach to maximize resource utilization and minimize waste, both material and human. This business-like approach with clear KPIs is one of the factors differentiating it from its peers.


frontier Philanthropy, Women's empowerment, Global South Philanthropy, Future Africa Foundation, Impact Philanthropy



Date Posted:19 February 2021