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Branas, C. C., Weingarten, M. S., Czeredarczuk, M., Schafer, P. F. (1994). Examination of carotid arteries with quantitative color doppler flow imaging. Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine, 13(2), 121-127.


The results of conventional duplex scanning were compared with QCDFI. A total of 224 consecutive patients comprising 442 unilateral carotid systems were examined by conventional duplex techniques. MPSV, as determined by QCDFI, were recorded for each of the 442 carotid segments and grouped according to the previously determined degrees of stenosis. The predictive value of QCDFI was confirmed by angiography with an overall accuracy of 91%. Results obtained by duplex scanning correlated with angiography 89% of the time. Based on QCDFI data, a scale to grade carotid stenosis was developed.


carotid arteries, color doppler flow imaging, duplex scanning

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Date Posted: 23 July 2013

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