Facsimile of LJS 361, Astronomical and astrological tables

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Opening and closing sections of astronomical and astrological tables on either side of a remnant of commentaries on gospel and epistle readings. The opening section (f. 2r-9r) includes tables for calculating the day of the week for any day from 1204 to 1512; the Sunday letter from 1204 to 1736; the golden letter from 1215 to 1728; movable feasts; time variation according to latitude and longitude; the conjunction of the sun and moon from January to September from 1327 to 1367; and the hours of day and night in any day of the year, as well as lists of human activities and how they are affected by the moon and planets; parts of the body with the planet that dominates each part and appropriate medical activities; and parts of the body with the zodiac sign that dominates each part and appropriate medical activities. The central section (f. 10r-42r) comprises the last 3 gatherings of what were originally 13 gatherings of commentaries on the gospel and epistle readings for the temporal cycle compiled from sermons of French Dominican scholars Durandus of St. Pourçain and Jacobus of Lausanne. The closing section (f. 42r-46v) includes tables and lists for Biblical, classical, and Mideastern dates; the position in the third house of all the planets; the significance of each house; the power and virtues of the signs of the zodiac on the parts of the body, regions, plants, stones, and stars; the virtues of each house; the movement of each house; the properties of each planet; the properties of each sign; and the sun's position in the zodiac arranged by month. Some early marginal drawings and notes.
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