Collation Model for Oversize Ms. Codex 331: Miracoli e leggende

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Mary Blessed Virgin Saint -- In literature
Mary Blessed Virgin Saint
Catholic Church -- Doctrines
Catholic Church
Christian hagiography
Christian saints in literature
Devotional literature Italian
Hagiography in literature
Italian literature -- To 1400
Italian literature
Italian literature -- 15th century
Hagiographies (works)
Manuscripts Italian
Manuscripts Renaissance.
History of Religion
Italian Literature
Renaissance Studies
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Collection of miracle stories and lives of the saints told in the style of contemporary novels, with the intention of making the average reader realize the punishment for sinful actions and the reward for virtuous life. Includes paraphrases of miraculous stories and legends of the Virgin and of the saints. Many of the latter category are based on early Christian literature, such as the Lives of the Fathers, which in many cases are cited as the source. The individual stories appear to be unpublished, except for the story of the childless queen. Appears to be incomplete, with one or more folios missing at the end.

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