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    Back to Work: The Effects of Goal Conflict on Working Mothers
    (2017-09-01) Ogle, Lauren
    Why is the rate of depression for women two times that of men? In the “we can do it all” generation, becoming a mother can be one of the most frustrating and rewarding experiences in one’s lifetime. Fulfilling career goals in addition to the demands motherhood can cause psychological distress. In this paper I present literature reviews on mothering, careers, goal conflict and how positive psychology tools can help alleviate depression in women. Based on research, I outlined four topics to build a workshop that will help working mothers bounce back from adversity, develop their signature strengths, avoid negative thinking traps as well as minimize the number of decisions they need to make with a technique called satisficing. This approach will invite organizations to invest in their working mothers, as their well-being is important for both families and the world economy.