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  • Publication
    GSA: A Framework for Rapid Prototyping of Smart Alarm Systems
    (2010-11-11) King, Andrew; Roederer, Alex; Arney, David; Chen, Sanjian; Fortino-Mullen, Margaret; Giannareas, Ana; Hanson III, C. William; Kern, Vanessa; Stevens, Nicholas; Viesca Trevino, Adrian; Park, Soojin; Sokolsky, Oleg; Lee, Insup; Tannen, Jonathan
    We describe the Generic Smart Alarm, an architectural framework for the development of decision support modules for a variety of clinical applications. The need to quickly process patient vital signs and detect patient health events arises in many clinical scenarios, from clinical decision support to tele-health systems to home-care applications. The events detected during monitoring can be used as caregiver alarms, as triggers for further downstream processing or logging, or as discrete inputs to decision support systems or physiological closed-loop applications. We believe that all of these scenarios are similar, and share a common framework of design. In attempting to solve a particular instance of the problem, that of device alarm fatigue due to numerous false alarms, we devised a modular system based around this framework. This modular design allows us to easily customize the framework to address the specific needs of the various applications, and at the same time enables us to perform checking of consistency of the system. In the paper we discuss potential specific clinical applications of a generic smart alarm framework, present the proposed architecture of such a framework, and motivate the benefits of a generic framework for the development of new smart alarm or clinical decision support systems.
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    The Medical Device Dongle: An Open-Source Standards-Based Platform for Interoperable Medical Device Connectivity
    (2012-01-28) Asare, Philip; Cong, Danyang; Vattam, Santosh G.; Kim, BaekGyu; King, Andrew; Sokolsky, Oleg; Lee, Insup; Lin, Shan; Mullen-Fortino, Margaret
    Emerging medical applications require device coordination, increasing the need to connect devices in an interoperable manner. However, many of the existing health devices in use were not originally developed for network connectivity and those devices with networking capabilities either use proprietary protocols or implementations of standard protocols that are unavailable to the end user. The first set of devices are unsuitable for device coordination applications and the second set are unsuitable for research in medical device interoperability. We propose the Medical Device Dongle (MDD), a low-cost, open-source platform that addresses both issues.
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    Assuring the Safety of On-Demand Medical Cyber-Physical Systems
    (2013-08-19) King, Andrew L.; Sokolsky, Oleg; Lee, Insup; Feng, Lu
    We present an approach to establish safety of on-demand medical cyber-physical systems which are assembled to treat a patient in a specific clinical scenario. We treat such a system as a virtual medial device (VMD) and propose a model-based framework that includes a modeling language with formal semantics and a medical application platform (MAP) that provides the necessary deployment support for the VMD models.