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    Using Positive Psychology to Grow Through Grief
    (2019-05-11) Daly, Courtney; Blaum, Elizabeth; Kundanmal, Laryssa; Massa, Jessica
    Grief does not discriminate; most individuals in this world, regardless of background or life circumstance, will eventually experience the loss of someone close to them. Children’s Bereavement Center, based in Miami, Florida, offers no-cost peer-support groups to grieving children, adolescents, and adults. The following paper presents an overview of the organization as well as a customized application plan for how positive psychology can be further integrated into Children’s Bereavement Center’s services. We include a situation analysis of the grief sector, looking specifically at Children’s Bereavement Center’s influence in southern Florida, a literature review of positive psychology concepts that impact the grieving process, and an application plan based on recommended media formats for age-appropriate content delivery. The plan outlines the creation of an online module titled “Grief to Growth,” with headings of Heal and Hope, Recovery and Renewal, and Believe and Build. Within the module are suggestions for downloadable handouts, delivery of relevant information through email and social media, podcast topics, journal prompts, and daily texts. Finally, we analyze prosocial behavior to provide recommendations for increasing donor and volunteer engagement. This plan is intended to assist Children’s Bereavement Center as they further integrate positive psychology into the organization.