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    (1997) Boberg, Charles; Meyerhoff, Miriam; Strassel, Stephanie; Dimitriadis, Alexis; Siegel, Laura; Surek-Clark, Clarissa; Williams, Alexander
    The University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics (PWPL) is an occasional series published by the Penn Linguistics Club, the graduate student organization of the Linguistics Department of the University of Pennsylvania. The series has included volumes of previously unpublished work, or work in progress, by linguists with an ongoing affiliation with the Department, as well as volumes of papers from the NWAV conference and the Penn Linguistics Colloquium. We thank the Graduate Students Association Council of the University of Pennsylvania for financial support. This volume is the result of combined efforts of many people. Papers were selected and reviewed for content under the direction of the issue editors. Atissa Banuazizi did most of the legwork for collecting the papers, and the PWPL editors carried out the production of the actual volume. Special thanks are due to Hikyoung Lee for her production help, expert proofreading, and amazing post-its. All remaining errors are the responsibility of the series editors or the authors, as the case may be.