Elderly Deaf Philadelphians
Cheryl A: First Few Days at PSD


Cheryl A: First Few Days at PSD

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Philadelphia Signs Project video with participant discussing her first few days at PSD


"When I transferred [to PSD], it was really awkward for me. I became homesick. When I was at the Martin School, I would commute from home/to school daily and I was accustomed to that. But at PSD, I would just stay. It was disorienting. I was like, ‘MOMMMM! WHERE’S MOM?’ and I would cry. I would ask them to go home. And the dorm supervisor would say, ‘Sorry, you stay here until Friday.’ And I’d just sit there still, tucked into my bed. Others would say, ‘Hey! Come on! Come play!’ And my friends would be playing around me"


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Cheryl A: First Few Days at PSD