Elderly Deaf Philadelphians
Pinky K: Being Included by the Deaf Community


Pinky K: Being Included by the Deaf Community

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Philadelphia Signs Project video with participant discussing how he acquired ASL even though he wasn't a real PSD student.


"I learned a lot of sign when I was eleven years old. For five years, every day I would go to PSD and learn, without being explicitly taught...At that time, I was hard-of-hearing and most hard-of-hearing [people] were iffy with signing [ability]. Me, no. I was stubborn. I acted like a Deaf person so I would go there and I learned a lot for five years. That’s how all the students knew me and were used to me. They thought I was actually a PSD student. I wasn’t. But they knew me very well and have all these years."


Philadelphia Signs Project, sociolinguistics, deaf, sign language, American Sign Language, ASL, regional variation


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Pinky K: Being Included by the Deaf Community