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Boosting Molecular Fluorescence with Plasmonic Nanolauncher

Andrea Alù, University of Pennsylvania; University of Texas at Austin
Nadar Engheta, University of Pennsylvania

Document Type Journal Article

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Alù, A. and Engheta, N. (2009). "Boosting Molecular Fluorescence with a Plasmonic Nanolauncher." Physical Review Letters 103, 043902.

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Molecular emission enhancement is generally obtained by proper coupling with external resonances. Here we propose the idea of a plasmonic nanolauncher, i.e., a metamaterial-inspired ultranarrow channel at cutoff. Its peculiar operation provides uniform phase and drastic amplitude increase all over the channel, allowing high emission enhancement independent of the position of an individual or group of molecules along the channel, and of its length and geometry. This may provide a fascinating mechanism for efficient molecular detection and enhanced optical fluorescence.


Date Posted: 11 January 2011

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