Dissertations (EES)

The mission of the Department of Earth and Environmental Science is to bring the time perspective of the Earth scientist/historian to bear on contemporary problems of natural-resource conservation and environmental quality.

Theses and Dissertations from 2007

Morphology and ontogeny of the postcranial skelton of the Hadrosauridae, Merrilee Fay Guenther

Cadmium in coral skeleton: Natural variability and in situ calibration, Kathryn Alloway Matthews

Theses and Dissertations from 2006

Geophysical investigation and interpretation of the magnetic properties and signature of 55-gallon cold -rolled carbon -steel hazardous -waste drums, Chad Hamlin Freed

Stratigraphic and paleoenvironmental variations in Rare Earth Element (REE) composition and crystallography of fossil bioapatite, Doreena M Patrick

Theses and Dissertations from 2005

Physiology and biogeochemistry of bleached and recovering corals from Hawaii, Lisa Jacqueline Rodrigues

Theses and Dissertations from 2004

Suuwassea emilieae (Sauropoda: Flagellicaudata): Description and phylogenetic, geologic, and paleobiogeographic implications, Jerald David Harris

Geobiological controls on the fractionation of sulfur isotopes at deep -sea hydrothermal vents, Joost Hoek

Late Cretaceous dinosaurs and crocodyliforms from Egypt and Argentina, Matthew Carl Lamanna

Theses and Dissertations from 2003

Preservation of ultrastructural features in Eocene Metasequoia of Axel Heiberg: Implications on senescence, diagenesis, and paleo-environmental conditions, Karimah Schoenhut

Bone surface textures as ontogenetic indicators in extant and fossil archosaurs: Macroscopic and histological evaluations, Allison Renee Tumarkin-Deratzian

Theses and Dissertations from 2002

An examination of dental morphology and variation in theropod dinosaurs: Implications for the identification of shed teeth, Joshua Benson Smith

A comparative study of soil and vegetation nutrient capital between the Pocono till barrens and adjacent hardwood forest and between Illinoian and Wisconsinan till, Anne W Wibiralske

Reconstruction of high-latitude tertiary floodplain forests in the Canadian Arctic, Christopher James Williams

Mazongshan dinosaur assemblage from late Early Cretaceous of northwest China, Hai-lu You

Theses and Dissertations from 2001

The phylogenetic position of Palaeosaniwa and the early evolution of the Platynotan (Varanoid) anguimorphs, Michael Joseph Balsai

Climate, nitrogen mineralization, and productivity in contrasting montane forests, Amishi Bharat Joshi

Geoarchaeology, stable -isotope geochemistry, and geochronology of fossil -spring tufas, Western Desert, Egypt, Jennifer Rebecca Smith

Theses and Dissertations from 2000

Testing bioturbational ammensalism. A suite of qualitative and quantitative techniques for evaluating potential infaunal-epifaunal interactions and their application to the lower Devonian of New York State, Yvette L Bordeaux

Theses and Dissertations from 1999

Site-analysis and floristics of the Late Devonian Red Hill locality, Pennsylvania, and Archaeopteris-dominated plant community and early tetrapod site, Walter Lewis Cressler

Nature, distribution and biological significance of phosphorus in forests soils from Puerto Rico, Chile, and Brazil, Jacqueline Frizano

Atmospheric carbon dioxide and land-surface air temperatures in geologic and modern-instrument records: Identifying patterns and formulating alternative hypotheses through spectral analysis, Gary Brian Hughes

Postdisturbance recovery of aboveground biomass and nutrients in tropical temperate, and boreal forests, Christine May Johnson

Structural and strain analysis of the metasediments in Pacheco Pass, California, David Bryan Saja

Theses and Dissertations from 1998

Vertebrate fauna from the non-marine facies of the Catskill Formation (Late Devonian) in Pennsylvania, Edward Bassett Daeschler

Using fossil plants to understand global change: Evidence for Paleocene-Eocene warming in the Greater Green River Basin of southwestern Wyoming, Peter Daniel Wilf

Theses and Dissertations from 1997

Weight loss, carbon, nitrogen and sulfur dynamics during early diagenesis of organic matter in fresh and salt water marshes along the Delaware River and Bay, Godlove Taminang Fonjweng

Theses and Dissertations from 1996

Paleoenvironmental analysis of diagenetically and metamorphically-altered strata: Methods and interpretations, Susan Elizabeth Gill