The Penn Education and Inequality Working Papers Series is intended to allow workshop participants and alumni to share their research to a broad audience. Current and former workshop participants may submit a paper or preprint for consideration by sending it to: Please include the following information along with your paper: abstract, keywords, affiliations and a URL (if available) for all authors. Current students should additionally provide an email indicating support/approval of their submission from a faculty advisor. Publishing your preprint or working paper here in the ScholarlyCommons@Penn does not preclude publication elsewhere, and your paper can be edited to include updates or link out to other published versions as desired.


Submissions from 2020


Getting the Teacher’s Attention: Parent-Teacher Contact and Teachers’ Behavior in the Classroom, Natalie A. E. Young

Submissions from 2018


Departing from the Beaten Path: International Schools in China as Response to Discrimination and Academic Failure in the Chinese Educational System, Natalie A. E. Young