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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Marisa S. Bartolomei


DNA is organized into spatially distinct units by architectural protein CTCF to enrich for intradomain enhancer-promoter contacts, but developmental and tissue specific regulation of architecture in vivo is poorly defined. By profiling neonatal mouse tissues at the imprinted Grb10-Ddc locus, putative tissue- and allele-specific chromatin was revealed, which we interrogated by deletions in vivo. We uncovered a new tissue-specific intronic insulator at Grb10 that is distinct from the classic differentially methylated imprinting control region, acquiring its own allele-specific DNA methylation during development, ultimately regulating gene expression of the entire cluster in heart and muscle. Termed CTCF-Binding Region 2.3 (CBR2.3), this insulator assembles a paternal-specific contact domain with Ddc located 150 kb away, restricting a newly validated cardiac enhancer to the paternal Ddc promoter. Paternal deletion of CBR2.3 in mice reconfigures the chromatin topology to mimic the maternal chromosome, resulting in Grb10-Ddc misexpression and cardiac phenotypes. This in vivo validation of a robust allelic and tissue-specific insulator offers mechanistic insight into how genes utilize different layers of spatial organization to achieve variation in gene expression in development.


Available to all on Friday, January 31, 2025

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