Ciudadanos Íntimos: Modulaciones De La Historia Y La Memoria Durante La Temporalidad De Crisis En España (2001-2019)

Joaquin J. Pascual, University of Pennsylvania


Intimate Citizens: Modulations of History and Memory during the Temporality of Crisis in Spain (2001-2019) analyzes the transformation of the public and private spheres by examining audiovisual and literary practices from the 2000s, when Spain was beginning a period of economic growth. Notions of citizenship in Spain were disrupted in 2008 with the bursting of the economic bubble, the resulting wave of popular unrest, and the spreading of collective forms of organization born in the public mobilizations of May 15, 2011. This dissertation asks how and why in the past 18 years there have emerged an abundance of narratives challenging the relationship between national history and the memory of citizens. In order to address this concern, I focus on the concept of intimacy, a term which has traditionally been associated, and at times confused, with private life and excluded from the discussions about problems affecting society at large. This dissertation thus examines the evolution of the concept of intimacy alongside a selection of its cultural representations in Spain and how these artifacts project models of citizenship and civic reflection.