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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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David Harbater


This thesis focuses on a refinement of the inverse Galois problem. We explore what finite groups appear as the Galois group of an extension of the rational numbers in which only a predetermined set of primes may ramify. After presenting new results regarding extensions in which only a single finite prime ramifies, we move on to studying the more complex situation in which multiple primes from a finite set of arbitrary size may ramify. We then continue by examining a conjecture of Harbater that the minimal number of generators of the Galois group of a tame, Galois extension of the rational numbers is bounded above by the sum of a constant and the logarithm of the product of the ramified primes. We prove the validity of Harbater's conjecture in a number of cases, including the situation where we restrict our attention to finite groups containing a nilpotent subgroup of index $1,2$ or $3$, and also derive consequences that are implied by the truth of this conjecture. We conclude by exploring how circumstances change when the base field of the rational numbers is replaced by an arbitrary number field.

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Mathematics Commons