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Over the last decade, significant investments of federal, state, and philanthropic funds have helped some states develop Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems (ECIDS). State leaders continue to ask questions about the capacity needed to implement an ECIDS and sustain it over the long term. To address these concerns, ECDataWorks conducted a national study of state capacity to implement an ECIDS. This series of briefs is designed for state leaders to make informed resource decisions necessary to build the capacity to implement and sustain an ECIDS.

While technology is not typically the main barrier to making progress with ECIDS, it is an ongoing and resource-intensive aspect of implementation. State leaders need to allocate sufficient resources to both implement and modernize legacy systems, while also enhancing and building ECIDS. However, the availability of business intelligence tools provides a promising avenue for state agencies to improve reporting and analysis, and better meet the evolving needs of program and policy leaders.


Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems, ECIDS


Early Childhood, Data/Data Systems, ECIDS





Date Posted: 15 May 2023