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Over the last decade, significant investment of federal, state, and philanthropic funds has helped some states develop an early childhood integrated data system (ECIDS). State leaders continue to ask questions about the capacity needed to implement an ECIDS, as well as to sustain these systems over the long term. In response, ECDataWorks conducted a national study of state capacity to implement an ECIDS. This series of briefs is designed for state leaders to inform resource decisions necessary to build the capacity to implement and sustain an ECIDS.

Leveraging state resources to support an effort such as an ECIDS is not a new idea, but knowing which resources and where to leverage them when there are multiple agencies involved is important. Each state has a different structure and context for implementing an ECIDS, which makes state resources critical to ensuring that the time spent planning and launching leads to a system that can be used to support early childhood systems long-term. Fortunately, states have shared which state resources were necessary to implement and sustain the ECIDS.


Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems, ECIDS


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Date Posted: 15 May 2023