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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


A major difficulty in handling the entire book of Judges is the unusually large number of variations which must be analyzed or manipulated into meaningful patterns. Needless to say, the complexity of this problem is compounded considerably When dealing with recensions and daughter translations. Due to the sheer multitude of the data, a single study cannot hope to cover all the facets of the problem; only a series of detailed studies can do so. The present study will attempt to initiate this process on the basis of a comprehensive examination of a sampling of paired substantives submitted to analysis with the hope of determining whether their existence is due to revision or translations. The paired substantives have been selected for several reasons: First, the proper nouns are valuable in determining the members of each manuscript class; furthermore, they yield information concerning the relationship of these classes to each other, and therefore directly touch the question of the inter­relationship of the two text types. Second, inasmuch as the Hebrew word which these pairs of nouns translate is usually available, it is possible to determine the relationship of the Greek words to each other and to the Hebrew. The criteria for determining whether or not the common nouns show evidence that revision has taken place appears in the following section.


Library at the Katz Center - Archives Thesis. BS1304 .M66 1977 c.1, c.2.

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