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Post-BSN for Nurse Anesthetists (DNP-NA)


postpartum hemorrhage management, postpartum hemorrhage, obstetric hemorrhage, interdisciplinary, obstetric emergency, didactic lecture


Objective: To develop a multidisciplinary educational program to increase management and preparedness relating to postpartum hemorrhage (PPH).

Design: In-person didactic lecture consisting of ten hemorrhage-related components in combination with a pre-test and post-test.

Setting/Local Program: The project was conducted at a newly built mother-baby unit in a suburban, community hospital. Roughly 1,500 deliveries occur each year in which 12 were classified as PPH. Due to the unfamiliarity with the new obstetric population at this institution, a need was identified to implement education which consisted of improving PPH readiness, response, and recognition.

Participants: The 39 participants, including an assistant partner, surgical technicians, and registered nurses with varying levels of education in the hospital’s perioperative and mother-baby unit, completed the educational PPH program.

Intervention/Measurements: The program included a didactic lecture incorporating ten aspects of PPH management led by trained student registered nurse anesthetists. A prerequisite to the didactic portion was a pretest, which was then followed by a post-test.

Results: The post-test indicated a 30% increase in scores compared to the pre-test and p < .01. The participants expressed an increase in knowledge and confidence related to caring for PPH management after the completion of the program.

Conclusion: The multidisciplinary program which included didactic lecture and testing of knowledge retention improved the team’s confidence and knowledge of PPH management recognition, response, and readiness.



Date Posted: 25 February 2022