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Post-BSN for Nurse Anesthetists (DNP-NA)


breast cancer surgery, enhanced recovery after surgery, eras, patient education, surgical expectations, patient engagement


Introduction: Patients undergoing breast cancer surgery at an urban teaching hospital lacked uniform and comprehensive preoperative education regarding Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS). A retrospective chart review was conducted comparing one year of data prior to ERAS incorporation to one year after implementation to assess the impact on breast cancer surgery patient outcomes. Methods: In collaboration with stakeholders, an animated video was created to educate patients regarding the ERAS pathway and set perioperative expectations. A valid, reliable survey measuring the patient’s surgical care experience was adapted and distributed along with the video to breast cancer patients undergoing surgery as a result of their diagnosis. Results: 100% (n=15) of survey participants responded either “yes, definitely” or “yes, somewhat” that the video explained what to expect during the recovery period. 93% of survey participants (n=14) responded that they felt more calm and relaxed after this video intervention, either definitely or somewhat, with one participant responding “no.” Fisher’s exact test demonstrated no statistically significant associations between age or level of education regarding the two primary outcomes. There was a statistically significant association found between having more office visits before surgery and the video “yes, definitely” versus “yes somewhat” explaining what to expect during the recovery period (p=0.043). Conclusions: This quality improvement project successfully provided effective patient education regarding ERAS for breast cancer surgery patients through a video modality that set perioperative expectations and helped the patient feel more calm and relaxed.

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Date Posted: 25 February 2022