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Submissions from 2022

The Impact of Organizational Culture on the Outcomes of Mergers and Acquisitions (2022) Ronald Acacio

Dismantling the System: Unpacking Racism's Impact on Inequities in Behavioral Health, Healthcare Utilization, and Access to Care (2022) Nana Akosua Adjeiwaa-Manu

Optimizing the Design and Implementation of Peer Support Interventions for Adolescents Living with HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa (2022) Charisse Victoria Ahmed

Improving Molecular Diagnosis of Suspected Mendelian Disorders with RNA Splicing Analysis (2022) Joseph K Aicher

Perceptual Consequences and Neural Mechanisms of Auditory Adaptation (2022) Christopher Angeloni

The Ebb and Flow of Revolution: A History of Emotions in Early Nineteenth-Century Colombia (2022) Juan Pablo Ardila Falla

Machine Learning and Quantitative Neuroimaging in Epilepsy and Low Field MRI (2022) Thomas Campbell Arnold

Greek Epic Parody and the Classical Life of Heroic Epic Poetry (2022) Adrienne Atkins

User-Friendly, Low-Cost, Microfluidic Devices with Capillary Circuits for Multiplexed, Isothermal, Point-of-Care, Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests (2022) Huiwen Bai

Machine Learning under Endogeneity (2022) Edvard Bakhitov

Job Flexibility and Household Labor Supply: Understanding Gender Gaps and the Child Wage Penalty (2022) Minji Bang

Investigations of Pincer Iridium Complexes for Glycerol Deoxygenation and for Alkane Dehydrogenation (2022) Byongjoo Bark

Washington, D.C., a Black Aesthetic, & the Politics of Renewal (2022) Leah Barlow

The Quantification of Neural and Behavioral Chromatic Sensitivities (2022) Michael Barnett

What Does Not Kill You Makes You Stronger: The Effects of an Overcoming Adversity Identity on Performance and Burnout (2022) Arianna Maria Beetz

Essay on Sustainable Finance (2022) Aymeric Bellon

Study of Nash Equilibria in Blockchain Voting Systems (2022) Alon Benhaim

Machine Learning as Tool and Theory for Computational Neuroscience (2022) Ari Benjamin

Single-Component Optogenetic Tools Fo Cytoskeletal Rearrangements (2022) Erin Berlew

Towards Precision Measurements of the Optical Depth to Reionization Using 21 cm Data and Machine Learning (2022) Tashalee S Billings

Narratives of Islamic Self-Making: Black Muslim Youth in a Philadelphia Public School (2022) Irteza Anwara Binte-Farid

Thriving Together: A Phenomenological Study of the Contributions of a Professional Counterspace to Black Women Higher Education Leaders’ Cultivation of Resilience (2022) Chenelle S Boatswain

Statistical Approaches to Reducing Bias and Improving Variance Estimation in the Presence of Covariate and Outcome Measurement Error (2022) Lillian Boe

Semantic Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (2022) Sean L Bowman

Synthesis and Reactivity of Flexible Dicopper Bis(Pyridyldiimine) Macrocyclic Complexes (2022) Sam H Brooks


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