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Submissions from 2021

Investigation of High-Surface-Area Titanate (ATiO3) Thin Films Prepared by Atomic Layer Deposition (2021) Chao Lin

Study of Metal Catalysts Supported on Thin Films of Perovskites Prepared by Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) (2021) Xinyu Mao

Submissions from 2020

The New Principal's Journey: The Experiences, Challenges, and Supports that Contribute to the Development of an Effective Novice Principal (2020) Gary William Abbamont

Spatially Dispersive Electrodynamics and Quantum Geometry in Semimetals (2020) Zachariah Addison

Single Cell Mechanical Trauma and Recovery Across Scales (2020) Modupe Alexandra Adegoke

Dating in the Digital Age: Race, Gender, and Inequality (2020) Sarah Adeyinka-Skold

Teaching Prowess and Pedagogical Effectiveness of Adjunct Faculty (2020) Lilian Oyinkansola Ajayi Ore

Striatal Computations in Health and Psychiatric Dysfunction (2020) Opeyemi O Alabi

Emotional Intelligence of Saudi School Leaders (2020) Asma Khalid S Alkadi

Essays on Firm Dynamics, Innovation and Growth (2020) Harun Alp

Essays in Mortgage Markets and Public Investment Cycles (2020) Sumedh Ashok Ambokar

All-Passive Hardware Architectures for Neuromorphic Computation (2020) Akshay Ananthakrishnan

Transcriptional Control and Development of Energy Burning Adipocytes (2020) Anthony R Angueira

The Promise of Language Planning in Indigenous Early Childhood Education in Mexico (2020) Aldo Anzures Tapia

The Effects of Educators’ Actions on Black LGBT Students at an Alternative Urban High School (2020) Tina Annette Arrington

An Experimental Evaluation of a Brief Self-Compassion Training with First-Year Teachers (2020) Rebecca N Baelen

Multiscale Polymer and Nanoparticle Dynamics in Polymer Nanocomposites (2020) Eric Joseph Bailey

Pushing the Limits of Ground-Based Exoplanet Characterization Surveys (2020) Ashley D Baker

Matrix Factorization Under Contamination (2020) Peter Ballen

Bayesian Nonparametric Analysis of Spatial Variation with Discontinuities (2020) Cecilia Balocchi

Entrepreneurship Education: A Study of Culture, Mindsets and Teaching Practices in Nigeria (2020) Olumoroti G Balogun

Strategic Human Capital and Entrepreneurship (2020) Jiayi Bao

Engaging Nurses in Impelementation Strategies and Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines for Infection Prevention and Control to Support Ebola Preparedness in Sierra Leone (2020) Amy Elizabeth Barrera-Cancedda

Thioamides and Proteolysis: Examining the Effects and Applications of a Single-Atom Substitution (2020) Taylor Mallory Barrett

The Model Kitchen: Domesticating Modernism in the American Home, 1942–1966 (2020) Juliana Rowen Barton


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