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Submissions from 2022

Perceptual Consequences and Neural Mechanisms of Auditory Adaptation (2022) Christopher Angeloni

Network, Network Regression, and Equity Holding Network (2022) Junhui Cai

Essays on the Role of Information in Health Economics (2022) Benjamin Chartock

On Remembering, Ceasing to Be: For String Quartet & Chamber Ensemble (2022) Nathan Daniel Courtright

Methods for Text Summarization Evaluation (2022) Daniel Deutsch

Exploring the Beliefs about Training in Organizations: A Perspective from Chief Financial Officers (2022) Keith Francis Keating

Lifelong Machine Learning of Functionally Compositional Structures (2022) Jorge Armando Méndez

Fragments of the Concrete: Ecology and Technical Media in German Romanticism (2022) Bryan Nelson Norton

The Geometry of Capillary and Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces (2022) Artur Bicalho Saturnino

Inequalities in the Structure and Delivery of U.S. Health Care (2022) Rebecca Anna Schut

State Transitions Within the Cortex Are Strongly Influenced by Local Interactions Under General Anesthesia (2022) Brenna Shortal

Statistical Learning for System Identification, Estimation, and Control (2022) Anastasios Tsiamis

KAT6A Initiates an Epigenetic Transcriptional Control Module to Drive Oncogene Expression in Acute Myeloid Leukemia (2022) Fangxue Yan

Simons Observatory Large Aperture Telescope Receiver (2022) Ningfeng Zhu

Submissions from 2021

Exploring Income Volatility and Financial Health Among Middle-Income Households (2021) Mina Addo

On Connections Between Machine Learning and Information Elicitation, Choice Modeling, and Theoretical Computer Science (2021) Arpit Agarwal

(Implicit) Argument Introduction, Voice and Causatives (2021) Faruk Akkus

Nuclear Pore Component MTOR Regulates Levels of Dosage Compensated Gene Expression in Drosophila (2021) Jennifer R Aleman

Cryptographic Foundations for Control and Optimization: Making Cloud-Based and Networked Decisions on Encrypted Data (2021) Andreea B Alexandru

Educational Trajectories of Indigenous Students: Vertical and Horizontal Stratification in the Chilean Educational System (2021) Andrea Paz Alvarado Urbina

An in Situ Study of Resistance Degradation and Switching of Bulk Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia and Strontium Titanate Single Crystals (2021) Ana Alvarez

A New Era in the Fight for Nursing Civil Rights: Mercy-Douglass Hospital School of Nursing (2021) Hafeeza R Anchrum

Replication in Massive Open Online Course Research Using the MOOC Replication Framework (2021) Juan Miguel L Andres-Bray

Spiraling Out of Disorder: Investigating the Behavior of Nematic Liquid Crystalline Systems and Soft Vortex Matter Under Geometrical Confinement (2021) Helen S Ansell

Examining the Educational Experiences and Obstacles of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon (2021) Zahia Antoun


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