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Submissions from 2021

Comm-Bots - Distributed Coordination of Mobile Robot Swarms to Support Message Communication (2021) Cem Karan

Leveraging Neuroinflammation Responses to Treat Pain Using Micellar Formulations Informed by Secretory Phospholipase A2 Responses in Neuropathy (2021) Sonia Kartha

When Sherlock Holmes Left Pyongyang: Surveillance and Social Control in North Korea, 1954–2021 (2021) Benjamin Rafael Katzeff Silberstein

Volatile Organic Compound Detection and Disease Diagnostics Using DNA-Functionalized Carbon Nanotube Sensor Arrays (2021) Christopher E Kehayias

A New Definition and Classification of Antibody Complementarity Determining Regions: Unsupervised Learning of Protein Backbone Conformations Informs Antibody Structural Bioinformatics and Design (2021) Simon Paul Kelow

Design of Proprioceptive Legged Robots (2021) Gavin Kenneally

A Computational Study of the Influence of Cortical Processes on the Olfactory Bulb (2021) David Kersen

Expanding the Breadth of Drug Discovery through Experimental and Computational Techniques (2021) Nicole E Kerstetter

Graph Convolutions for Teams of Robots (2021) Arbaaz Khan

Delineating the Immunometabolism of Human Invariant Natural Killer T Cells (2021) Priya Khurana

Korean EFL Learners’ Morpheme Developmental Order: Embracing Semantic Aspects and the Poststructuralist Perspective (2021) Heejin Kim

Integrin Crosstalk in the Upstream Migration of CD4+ T Lymphocytes (2021) Hyun Ji Kim

Development of Nanoparticle-Based Contrast Agents for Applications with Conventional and Photon-Counting CT Imaging (2021) Johoon Kim

Student Perceptions of White Racial Affinity Groups and the Development of Anti-Racist Racial Identities at an Independent School (2021) Ryan C Kimmet

Mentoring for Ethical Leadership in the Navy: How Mentors Support Leadership Development, and Foster Ethical Decision-Making in Commanders (2021) Margaret DeLuca Klein

Identifying Demographic, Clinical, and Geographic Features of Cervical Cancer Patients Presenting to a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Clinic in Gaborone, Botswana (2021) Tara Marie Klingner

Queer with the City: Gender, Race, Environment and the Poetics of Urban Change (2021) Davis Aaron Preston Knittle

Investigations of the Gastrointestinal Tract in Development and Disease (2021) Ayano Kondo

A Social Constructivist Approach to Understanding Belonging in the Workplace (2021) Beth Kaplan Kondonijakos

Mitochondrial DNA Regulation of the Nuclear Epigenome (2021) Piotr K Kopinski

Essays on Automation, Inequality, and Macroeconomic Performance (2021) Omer Faruk Koru

Rheology of Marine Sponges and Magnetoviscoelastic Solids (2021) Emile Angelo Kraus

Essays in Urban and Public Economics (2021) Jacob Krimmel

Towards a Practically Useful Text Simplification System (2021) Reno Kriz

Interactions between Host Cells and Merkel Cell Polyomavirus in the Context of Infection and in Merkel Cell Carcinoma (2021) Nathan A Krump


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