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Submissions from 2017

Statistical Inference for High-Dimensional Linear Models (2017) Zijian Guo

Presidential Decision-Making at the Prostestant Evangelical Christian College When Religious Values and Mission Are at Issue and Survival is in Question (2017) Paul Lowell Haines

From Frugality to Exuberance: Architecture and the City in Israel 1923-1977 (2017) Daphna Half

The Democratic Standard of Care in Tort Law (2017) Gregory Jay Hall

Essays on the U.S. Electricity Sector (2017) Jin Soo Han

Interfacial Assembly in Aqueous Two Phase Systems (2017) Sarah Danielle Hann

Learning from Strategically Controlled Information (2017) Daniel N Hauser

Essays in Algorithmic Market Design Under Social Constraints (2017) Hoda Heidari

Developmental Functions of miR156 and miR157 in Arabidopsis (2017) Jia He

Matroids And Canonical Forms: Theory and Applications (2017) Gregory F Henselman

Essays in Macroeconomics with Financial Frictions (2017) Juan M Hernandez

Characterization of the NANCI-Nkx2.1 Locus: A Novel Role for lncRNAs in Buffering Transcription Factor Expression (2017) Michael Herriges

Death Rites and Imperial Formations in Sudan, 1865-1935 (2017) Katie J Hickerson

On the Development, Characterization, and Use of Protein Fluorescence and Infrared Spectroscopic Probes (2017) Mary Rose Hilaire

Improving Vaccine Design for Viral Diseases Using Modified Antigens and Vectors (2017) Michael J Hogan

"Who Are the True Conservatives"?: A Critical History of American Conservatism in the Nineteenth Century (2017) Danielle M Holtz

Coloureds Performing Queer, or Queer Coloureds Performing?: Asserting Belonging through Queer Behavior in Cape Town, South Africa (2017) Glenn Holtzman

"Une Realite Plus Reelle Que Le Reel": The Persistence of Myth in Postwar French and Italian Fiction (2017) Alison Howard

Becoming Owners: African-American Property Ownership, Berean Building and Loan, and the City of Philadelphia, 1890 to 1920 (2017) Ricardo O Howell

Catalysts for Learning and Stewards of Place: A Study of Change in Engaged Universities (2017) Ariane Elizabeth Hoy

Role of Bromodomain and Extraterminal Motif Proteins in Transcription and Chromatin Architecture (2017) Sarah C Hsu

Clothing as Culture: Delineating National Character in Costume Prints, c. 1600-1650 (2017) Heather A Hughes

Higher Education Finance: A Case Study of Minority-Serving Institutions in New Mexico (2017) Virginia Rae Hunter

From the Classroom to the Principal's Office: How the Teach for America Experience Influences School Leadership (2017) Rikki Hunt Taylor

Developing Models to Investigate Mechanisms of Genomic Imprinting (2017) Stellar K Hur


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