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Submissions from 2021

Learning to Compositionally Reason over Natural Language (2021) Nitish Gupta

Marriage, Kinship, and Political Hierarchy in the Evolution of the Hoysala Family (2021) Samana Kaivar Gururaja

Belonging Behind the Screen. An Exploration of Ways that Sense of Belonging Impacts Adolescent Black Girls During Virtual Learning (2021) Heather Lorraine Hairston

A Tale of Two Private Catholic Philadelphia Universities: How Organizational Change Influences Market Position Differentiation (2021) John Haller

Suetonius’ Organizational Craft (2021) Wesley J Hanson

Secure Multi-Party Computation in Practice (2021) Marcella Christine Hastings

Desmin and Microtubules Maintain Nucear Shape and Chromatin Organization in the Adult Cardiomyocyte (2021) Julie Heffler

Essays on Economic Behavior under Uncertainty (2021) Youngsoo Heo

The Ecological, Economic, and Ethno-Cultural Frontiers of North China: State Formation in the Eastern Intermediate Zone—A History of the Qai 奚 (2021) Zachary S Hershey

Serotonergic Modulation of the Central GLP-1 System (2021) Rosa Maria Leon Huamancaja

Advances in Supramolecular Orientational Memory Mediated by Frank-Kasper Phases of Self-Assembling Dendrons (2021) Ning Huang

MRI Assessment of Maternal Uteroplacental Circulation in Pregnancy (2021) Eileen Hwuang

Biomechanical & Biochemical Contributions of Matrix Metalloproteinases in Joint Pain: Models, Mechanisms, & Patients (2021) Meagan E Ita

Global Gatekeepers: How Institutions Regulate and Constrain Migration Flows (2021) Elizabeth Jacobs

A Proteomics Approach Identifies Novel Resident Zebrafish Balbiani Body Proteins Cirbpa and Cirbpb (2021) Allison Helen Jamieson-Lucy

Imagining Classrooms: A Comparative Case Study of Pedagogy and Learning in Teacher Education (2021) Lightning Jay

Stochastic OLG Models and Transition Path, with Numerical Computation Using GPU Computing and Machine Learning (2021) Yebiao Jin

Modeling Electronic Structure and Dynamics of Molecules on Metal Surfaces (2021) Zuxin Jin

Selective Catalytic Reactions for Taking Furan-Based Compounds to Useful Chemicals (2021) Yichen Ji

Nonlocal Optoelectronics in Topological Semimetals (2021) Zhurun Ji

Advanced Degrees and Social Mobility in the United States (2021) R. Marc Johnson

Educationalizing Assets: Framing Children’s Savings Accounts as an Educational Solution (2021) Amanda Jones-Layman

Molecular Determinants of Immunogenicity of the Nontypeable Haemophilus Influenzae HMW1 and HMW2 Adhesins (2021) Nadia Abdelrazak Kadry

How Authentic Leadership Influences the Perceived Quality of the Mid-Level Leader–Follower Relationship (2021) Mark A Kaestner

Team Formation and Incentives (2021) Ashwin Kambhampati


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