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Submissions from 2017

Supporting First-Year Teachers in an Urban Charter Context (2017) Samuel V Fragomeni

Multiscale Mechanical, Structural, and Compositional Response of Tendon to Static and Dynamic Loading During Healing (2017) Benjamin Ross Freedman

Regulation of Natural Killer Cell Development and Function by Activating Receptor Signaling Pathways (2017) Jacquelyn E Freund

Locomotion at Low Reynolds Number: Dynamics in Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Systems with Biomedical Applications (2017) David A Gagnon

Genetic Regulation of TMEM106B in the Pathogenesis of Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration (2017) Michael D Gallagher

Three Essays in Population Process (2017) Romeo Gansey

Omnichannel Operations Management (2017) Fei Gao

What Affects Prospection? - An Examination of the Factors that Affect Future Time Perception, Sequence Preference for Future Experience, or Future Temporal Orientation (2017) Xuan Gao

The Hospitable South: Religion, Politics, and Belonging in a Southern Community (2017) Betsie Garner

An Approach to Aligning Leadership Development with Organizational Strategy Management (2017) Kelly Eugene Garrett

Towards Precision Psychiatry: Gray Matter Development and Cognition in Adolescence (2017) Efstathios D Gennatas

Regulating Immune Mediated Pathology in Cutaneous Leishmaniasis: Roles for IL-22 and Skin Microbiota (2017) Ciara Gimblet

Essays on Applied Microeconomics: Airline Networks and Job Search (2017) Kristijan Gjorgjevik

Bioinformatics Discovery and Functional Characterization of Lipidbinding LOV Photoreceptors (2017) Spencer Glantz

Rewriting Professional Development: Professional Learning Communities in an Urban Charter School (2017) Gregory J Glasheen

The Role of Skin Resident CD4 T Cells in Cutaneous Leishmaniasis (2017) Nelson Glennie

Integration of Fermentation and Organic Synthesis: Studies of Roquefortine C and Biosynthetic Derivatives (2017) Claire Marie Gober

The Design and Synthesis of Allosteric Effectors of Carbon Monoxide Binding to Hemoglobin (2017) Sara R Goldstein

Harmonious Instability: (Mixed) Dancing and Partner Choice in German-Jewish and Yiddish Literature (2017) Sonia Beth Gollance

Knowledge, Skills, and Competencies Required of Effective and Successful Chief Student Affairs Officers in Contemporary and Future Higher Education Contexts (2017) Stephanie Arlene Gordon

Independent School Teachers' Perceptions of Supervision and Evaluation (2017) Anne E Graybeal

Obstetric History and Sexual Health Screening Among Sexual Minority Women (2017) Madelyne Z Greene

Engineering Plasmonic Nanocrystal Coupling through Template-Assisted Self-Assembly (2017) Nicholas J Greybush

Neuromuscular Synaptic Proteins in Development and Regeneration (2017) Katherine D Gribble

Understanding Library Space Planning (2017) Steven Herbert Gstalder


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