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Submissions from 2020

Covering Scientific Uncertainty in Ongoing Research (2020) Natalie Herbert

To Walk the Walk: An Examination of Policy Implementation in a Large Urban School System (2020) Courtney Elizabeth Hill

Is Relational Trust the Key? Understanding How Cabinet-Level Executives Build and Use Relational Trust to Lead Change in Urban Districts (2020) Stacy Elaina Holland

Morbid Sensations: Intimacy, Coercion, and Epidemic Disease in Philadelphia, 1793-1854 (2020) Timothy Kent Holliday

Essays on Consumer Behavior and Retail Regulation (2020) Ethan Mallick Hossain

Bayesian Balance Regression and Mediation Analysis for Microbiome Compositional Data (2020) Lu Huang

A Statistical Framework for Denoising Single-cell RNA Sequencing Data (2020) Mo Huang

Immune Dysregulation in Pancreatic Cancer (2020) Austin Patrick Joseph Huffman

Microscale Robotic Wetware for Synthetic Biology (2020) Elizabeth E Hunter

Learning Image Segmentation with Relation-Centric Loss and Representation (2020) Jyh-Jing Hwang

Early Risk Factors and Patterns of Kindergarten Readiness: a Latent Class Analysis Utilizing Head Start Administrative Data (2020) Nneka Renee Ibekwe-Okafor

Towards Large-Scale Integrated Electronic-Photonic Systems (2020) Mohamad Hossein Idjadi

Spectral Networks and Non-Abelianization for Reductive Groups (2020) Matei Ionita

Dynamics and Mechanics of Glasses in Bulk and Confined Materials (2020) Robert J. S Ivancic

Methods for Data-driven Model Predictive Control (2020) Achin Jain

The Development of Multivalent Nano-Self Peptides as Antagonists for Antibody-Dependent Macrophage Phagocytosis (2020) AbdelAziz R Jalil

Off-Policy Temporal Difference Learning for Robotics and Autonomous Systems (2020) Heejin Jeong

The Effect of Thickness and Interface Interactions on Stability of Molecular Glasses (2020) Yi Jin

Shaping Shell Strength: Testing the Influence of Shell-Crushing Predators on Shell Shape over Geologic Time (2020) Erynn H Johnson

Pharmacologic Reversal of Drp1-Dependent Mitochondrial Fragmentation, a Homeostatic Mechanism in Friedreich Ataxia (2020) Joseph Johnson

The Literate Meaning-Making Practices, Sociopolitical Knowledge, and Racial Awareness of First-Grade African American Children in an Urban Community School (2020) Wintre Foxworth Johnson

Variation in African American English: The Great Migration and Regional Differentiation (2020) Taylor Jones

Differential Privacy Beyond the Central Model (2020) Matthew Joseph

Empirical Analyses of Queues with Applications to Elections and Healthcare (2020) Dawson Kaaua

Socioeconomic Status in Pediatric Health Research and Its Association with Critical Illness and Outcomes (2020) Alicia Kachmar


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