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Submissions from 2020

Predictors of Interindividual Differences in Vulnerability to Neurobehavioral Consequences of Chronic Partial Sleep Restriction (2020) Olga Galli

Graph Neural Networks (2020) Fernando Gama

Operations Management in the Presence of Strategic Agents (2020) Jingxing (Rowena) Gan

Geometry and Topology of Optimal Flow Networks (2020) Tatyana Gavrilchenko

Impacts of Intracellular Localizations of Full-Length and Defective Viral Genomes on Paramyxovirus Particle Production (2020) Emmanuelle Genoyer

Higgs Triples and Ruled Surfaces (2020) Michail Gerapetritis

Heterogenous Trajectories of Depressive Symptoms from Adolescence to Young Adulthood: Non-Cognitive Risk Factors and Labor Market Outcomes (2020) Jessica Nicole Gladstone

The Evaluation of Policy Measures to Reduce Police Use of Force (2020) Li Sian Goh

Moduli Spaces of Riemannian Metrics with Positive and Nonnegative Ricci and Sectional Curvature (2020) McFeely Jackson Goodman

Essays in Urban and Real Estate Economics (2020) Caitlin Gorback

Core Components of the Nuclear Pore Bind Unique States of Chromatin and Mediate Polycomb Repression (2020) Alejandro Luis Gozalo

Labor's Avant-Garde: Painting the Urban Working Class in France from the First International to the Anarcho-Syndicalist Decades (2020) Lindsay V Grant

Dismantling the Art of Deception: Using "Inoculation" to Combat Misinformation from Misleading Cigarette Advertising (2020) Stefanie Gratale

Interpretation of the BMP Morphogen Gradient During Dorsal-Ventral Axial Patterning (2020) Hannah Greenfeld

Domain-focused CRISPR-screen Identifies HRI as a Regulator of Fetal Hemoglobin in Adult Erythroid Cells (2020) Jeremy D Grevet

How Academic Associations Seek to Improve Undergraduate Education Reforms in STEM: Case Studies of Six Leading Associations (2020) Rebecca J Griffiths

The Social Network Dynamics of Category Formation (2020) Douglas Richard Guilbeault

Being and Becoming Entrepreneurial: A Narrative Study on the Development of Entrepreneurial Adults in China and the United States (2020) Mengjiao Guo

An Experimental and Computational Study of Pattern Formation in Insect Cuticle and a Novel Administration of a Sensemaking Instrument in Physics Education (2020) Stephen Hackler

Out of Compass: English Women’s Writing and the Cultures of Travel, 1604-1680 (2020) Meghan E Hall

Laplacians of Cellular Sheaves: Theory and Applications (2020) Jakob Hansen

Networks of Knowledge: Metallurgical Technologies in Early Iron Age Cyprus and Crete (2020) Olivia Hayden

More than Words: Extra-Sylvian Networks Support Pragmatic Language Processing in Focal Dementia (2020) Meghan Leigh Healey

Borrowing Methods: The Perceived Influence of Reflective Positionality Work in Local Television Journalists (2020) Elizabeth Bennett Hebbeln

Challenging the Core Assumption of Chronic Absenteeism: Do Excused and Unexcused Absences Equally Contribute to the Effective Early Identification of Students at Risk for Future Achievement Problems? (2020) Cassandra M Henderson


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