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Submissions from 2021

Marketing Applications of Bayesian Nonparametric Methods (2021) Yuhao Fan

Investigating the Mechanisms of Corneal Maintenance and Regeneration by 2-Photon Live Imaging (2021) Olivia M Farrelly

Bridges and Barriers to Connection: Class, Race, and Student Engagement with Institutional Agents (2021) Sherelle Ferguson

Parents’ Perceptions of Safety in Public Space and Adolescent Well-Being in Ethiopia, Peru, and Vietnam (2021) Lauren Ferreira Cardoso

Developing Civic Identity While Abroad: Experiences of International Students on Educational Sojourns in the United States (2021) Marta M Filip-Fouser

Identifying Electrons and Searching for Electroweak R-Parity Violating Supersymmetry at Atlas (2021) Lucas Macrorie Flores

The Impact of Hospital Nursing Resources on Postsurgical Outcomes for Patients with Opioid Use Disorder (2021) Rachel Elizabeth French

Persistence in Adult English Language Learners: Classroom Interventions that Encourage Student Persistence (2021) HollyAnn Freso-Moore

Creation and Control of Quantum States in Layered Materials (2021) Nathan C Frey

The Lie of the Land: Landscape Aesthetics and British Realism (2021) Zachary Fruit

Structral and Biochemical Insights Into the Transition from Transcription Initiation to Elongation (2021) Rina Fujiwara

Pop Culture Frameworks for Moral Expression in Left-Wing Political Talk (2021) Megan Genovese

Host Requirements for Cryptosporidium Infection and the Role of Type III Interferon Signaling (2021) Alexis R Gibson

Metal-Catalyzed and Photocatalytic Systems for Oxidative Inter- and Intramolecular Phenol Coupling (2021) Philip H Gilmartin

Synthetic Studies of Biologically Active Molecules: IRL 2500, Bruceantin, and Biliatresone (2021) Andrew D Glass

Elucidating the Role of the African-Centric P47s Variant of TP53 in Metabolism and Ferroptosis (2021) Keerthana Gnanapradeepan

Aspects of Deregulated Glucose Metabolism in Liver and Kidney Cancer (2021) Jason T Godfrey

VIP Interneuron Cell and Circuit Dysfunction Underlying Dravet Syndrome (2021) Kevin M Goff

The Influence of Learning Clusters on First-Generation, First-Year Students’ Persistence (2021) Jonathan Golergant

The Relational Role of Place in the Production of Racial Stratification (2021) Nick Graetz

Empirical Analyses of Regulation and Negotiated Prices (2021) Joao Vitor Granja de Almeida

Surviving to Thriving: Black Women Navigating the Urban Superintendency (2021) Christina Grant

Intent versus Perception: Varying Perspectives of University Marketing and Branding to Black Students (2021) Vann Graves

Scale-Dependent Coupling between Aeolian Form and Flow (2021) Andrew Lewis Gunn

Health, Environment, and Inequality in India (2021) Aashish Gupta


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