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Submissions from 2017

Cation Kinetics and Electric Field Effect in Zirconia (2017) Yanhao Dong

Nano/biosensors based on large-area graphene (2017) Pedro Jose Ducos

The Aesthetics of Waste: Michel Tournier, Agnes Varda, Sabine Macher (2017) Melissa DunLany

Predicting and Characterizing the Health of Individuals and Communities through Language Analysis of Social Media (2017) Johannes C Eichstaedt

In This Place Called Prison: How Religion Structures the Social World of Incarcerated Women (2017) Rachel Ellis

Essays in Macro-Finance and Asset Pricing (2017) Amr Elsaify

Design, Structure, and Action of an Artificial Photosynthetic Reaction Center (2017) Nathan Ennist

Genome Editing Approach to Uncover Microtubule-Actin Crosslinking Factor (Macf1) Essential Domains in Establishing Oocyte Polarity and Nuclear Positioning (2017) Matias Escobar-Aguirre

Amyloid Fibril Nucleation in Reverse Micelles (2017) Gozde Eskici

How Organizations Use Collaboration to Create Knowledge (2017) Mark Phillip Ezell

Forging Christianity: Jews and Christians in Pseudo-Ignatius (2017) Phillip J. A Fackler

Unimolecular Decay Dynamics of Atmospherically Important Criegee Intermediates (2017) Yi Fang

Epigenomic and Nuclear Architectural Insights into Rett Syndrome (2017) Maria Fasolino

Josephus as Political Philosopher: His Concept of Kingship (2017) Jacob Douglas Feeley

Reforming the Cold War State: Economic Thought, Internationalization, and the Politics of Soviet Reform, 1955-1985 (2017) Yakov Feygin

Understanding Dewetting Transitions on Nanotextured Surfaces: Implications for Designing Surfaces with Improved Wettability (2017) Suruchi Fialoke

What a Polygon Can't Tell You: Shifting from Area-Level to Point-Level Investigation of Residential Segregation Patterns (2017) Ross William Fineman

DNA Double Strand Breaks Suppress Expression of the Rag Recombinase: Mechanisms and Consequences (2017) Megan R Fisher

Ceramic Entanglements in the Urartian Periphery: Technology as the Nexus of Politics and Practice (2017) Susannah G Fishman

Design and Evaluation of Interactive Hand-Clapping Robots (2017) Naomi T Fitter

The End of the Line: The Nature and Politics of Resilience in Galveston, Norfolk, and New York City (2017) William John Fleming

Genomics-Based Studies Identify Cis and Trans Acting Posttranscriptional Regulators (2017) Shawn W Foley

Mechanisms and Modifiers of Protein Misfolding and Toxicity Associated with Multisystem Proteinopathy (2017) Alice Flynn Ford

Witnessing Domestic Violence: Measuring the Effects in Adolescence, Adulthood, and in the Next Generation of Children (2017) Christine Forke Young

Species Sadness: Race, Gender, and Animality in Twentieth-Century Mexico and Central America (2017) Carolyn Fornoff


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