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Submissions from 2021

Vertical Contracting in the US Health Care Industry (2021) Stuart V Craig

Death and Empire: The Genesis and Expression of Imperial Identity via Assyrian Mortuary Contexts (2021) Petra M Creamer

Human Capital and Startup Financing (2021) Mauricio Da Silva Medeiros

Molecular Control of Synaptic Efficacy Within Striatal Circuits (2021) Felicia Felicia Davatolhagh

Beyond the Talent Show: Exploring the Beliefs of Special Education Teachers on the Incorporation of Dance to Support the Needs of Students (2021) Mary Agnes DeCicco

Entanglement Structure and the Emergence of Spacetime (2021) Matthew P DeCross

Service Boosters: Library Operating Systems for the Datacenter (2021) Henri Maxime Demoulin

The Molecular and Regulatory Mechanism of Multi-Subunit N-Terminal Acetyltransferases (2021) Sunbin Deng

The Mexican Experimental in the Contemporary Novel and Film (2021) Dustin Dill

Parents’ Insights About At-Home Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic (2021) Brian Dillon

Bijels for Continuous Reactive Separations (2021) Giuseppe Di Vitantonio

Antigen Specific CD4+ T Cell Responses against a Gastrointestinal Nematode (2021) Bonnie B Douglas

Synthetic Studies toward Citrofulvicin: Synthesis of the Core Ring System (2021) Kalina O Doytchinova-Weil

Building and Validating Next-Generation Neurodevices Using Novel Materials, Fabrication, and Analytic Strategies (2021) Nicolette Driscoll

Cryptosporidium parvum Exports Proteins to the Epithelial Host Cell (2021) Jennifer E Dumaine

The Beginning and the End of All Music: Archival Aurality and Cultural Heritage on the Mississippi Blues Trail (2021) Benjamin DuPriest

Search for Trilepton Resonances from R-Parity Violating Chargino Decays in the B−L MSSM (2021) George Ian Dyckes

Choosing Access: Mid-Market Private Colleges Enrolling Low-Income Students (2021) Charles Edmonds

Dendron Design, Synthesis, and Application in Nanocrystal Assembly (2021) Katherine Clausen Elbert

The Anxiety of Evolution: Biological and Cultural Adaptation from Marcel Proust to Peter Greenaway (2021) Tomas Elliott

Neurologic and Metabolic Safety of Fluoroquinolones (2021) Darcy E Ellis

Discipline Patterns Across the Public High School Landscape in a Large, Urban District (2021) Arthur Paul Ernst

In the Eyes of the Beholder: Cribra Orbitalia, Status, and Burial Practice in Late Bronze and Iron Age Iranian Subadults (2021) Stacey O'Neill Espenlaub

Development of Single-Cell Transcriptomic & Epigenomic Sequencing Technologies to Assess Cell-Type-Specific Gene Regulatory Programs in Mammalian Brains (2021) Emily B Fabyanic

Learning About Others Dynamically Changes Behavior and the Brain (2021) Ariana Familiar


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