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Submissions from 2020

Constrained Learning and Inference (2020) Luiz Fernando de Oliveira Chamon

Tumor-Derived Retinoic Acid Regulates Intratumoral Monocyte Differentiation to Promote Immune Suppression (2020) Samir Devalaraja

Planos, curvos y quebrados: la No-ficción como espejo De realidad en la escritura mexicana del siglo XXI (2020) Isabel Díaz Alanís

Gating Mechanism Comparison between the Trkah and Mthk Ion Channels (2020) Valentina Simeonova Dimitrova

Organized Crime in Strong States: Vote Buying, Migrants' Exploitation and Public Funds Misappropriation (2020) Gemma Dipoppa

Polypharmacy: Patterns and Policy Propositions (2020) Duy Hoang Do

Gaussian Differential Privacy and Related Techniques (2020) Jinshuo Dong

Affordances and Control of a Spine Morphology for Robotic Quadrupedal Locomotion (2020) Jeffrey Duperret

Statistical Techniques for Addressing the Clinico-Radiological Paradox in Multiple Sclerosis (2020) Jordan D Dworkin

Essays on Algorithms, Markets, and Society (2020) Hadi Stephen Elzayn

Uncovering the Origins of Rare-Cell Phenomena (2020) Benjamin Emert

Race, Real Estate and Education: The University of Pennsylvania’s Interventions in West Philadelphia, 1960–1980 (2020) Edward M Epstein

From Cacophony to Chorus: How Do Principals Make Sense of Multiple Concurrent Interventions? (2020) Nimet Eren

Chromatin Accessibility and Histone Acetylation in the Regulation of Competence in Early Development (2020) Melody Esmaeili Ghahfarokhi

Statistical Methods for Allele-Specific Expression Analysis by RNA Sequencing (2020) Jiaxin Fan

Community Grantmaking Committees: Pravalence, Conceptualization, and Funding Decisions (2020) Megan M Farwell

Community Grantmaking Committees: Pravalence, Conceptualization, and Funding Decisions (2020) Megan M Farwell

Examining Teacher Performance in Ghana (2020) Syeda Farwa Fatima

University-Community Partnerships: A Case Study of Institutional Models of Strategic Engagement and Cross-Sector Collaboration (2020) Katherine A Feely

China and the Iranian Left: Transnational Networks of Social, Cultural, and Ideological Exchange, 1905–1979 (2020) William A Figueroa

Teasing Apart the Immune Response to a Virus-Derived Adjuvant: Insights into Type 1 Immunity Inducing Vaccine Development (2020) Devin Gail Fisher

Teachers’ Pedagogy and Classroom Practice Choices as Perpetuation and Disruption to the Colonial Legacy of Trinidad & Tobago (2020) Hayden Frederick-Clarke

Weak Lensing and Cosmology in the Dark Energy Survey (2020) Lucas Frozza Secco

Multiscale Predictions of Mechanical Response and Computational Circuit Dynamics After Traumatic Brain Injury (2020) David J Gabrieli

The Evolution of Genetic Systems: The Influence of Recombination, Mutation Rate, and Mutational Load (2020) Benjamin Galeota-Sprung


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