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Submissions from 2000

Exploring the literacy practices of first year medical students as they negotiate the demands of medical school (2000) Joan Maria Rushton

Perceived social support and the effects of living in the community for individuals with a serious and persistent mental illness (2000) William John Ryan

Cyclic AMP in the regulation of cell survival (2000) Arturo Pedro Saavedra

A balance between well care nursing and ill care nursing in the 4-year baccalaureate nursing programs of the Thai public sector (2000) Kaewwiboon Sangpolsit

Saul Alinsky and the dilemmas of race in the post-war *city (2000) Mark Edward Santow

Broadcasting and streaming stored video (2000) Despina C Saparilla

A sundial in the shade: Gifted education and the restructuring process (2000) Julie Karen Heiman Savitch

Topology optimization of geometrically nonlinear compliant mechanisms for flexibility, stiffness and strength (2000) Anupam Saxena

From Brunetto Latini to Dante's ser Brunetto (2000) Elisabetta Pellegrini Sayiner

A general Bayesian approach to job search models: Methodology and applications (2000) John William Schindler

Constructs of culture: Argentina's struggle with its identity (2000) Mark William Schuhl

Cell cycle checkpoints: Analysis of chfr and p53 (2000) Daniel Morris Scolnick

The American Indian Movement: The potential of a counter narrative (2000) Michaly Dror Segal

Minimal indirect reference: A theory of the syntax -phonology interface (2000) Amanda Hallie Seidl

Photon-induced formation of silicon oxide thin films (2000) Jaya Sharma

The MDM2 oncoprotein interacts with the structurally related MDMX protein: Identification and analysis (2000) Darcie Sharp

Essays in search theory (2000) Andrei Shevchenko

Techniques for mitigating lag-time when joining interest groups in real-time simulations (2000) Jianping Shi

Mediating opera for America: Magazine biographies, opera singers and national identity (2000) Marsha Siefert

Function and structure of cecropin A (2000) Loraine Susan Silvestro

Condom use among Black women: A theoretical basis for HIV prevention guided by Neuman Systems Model and Theory of Planned Behavior (2000) Edith Mae Simpson

Thermodynamic excess functions for mixture adsorption on zeolites (2000) Flor Rebeca Siperstein

Uncovering a new model of intracellular processing of the amyloid precursor protein: Towards a test of the amyloid hypothesis (2000) Daniel M Skovronsky

Increased levels of the repressor COUP-TFII and COUP-TF association with histone deacetylases contribute to reduced MHC class I transcription in tumorigenic adenovirus type 12 transformed cells (2000) Denis Aleksandrovich Smirnov

The development of the epic formula in medieval Spain (2000) Benjamin Thomas Smith


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