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Submissions from 2022

Experiences of Underrepresentation in Corporate America: Chinese American Stories of Tackling the Bamboo Ceiling (2022) Alan C Chen

The Role of NEUROPILIN2A/B and Sema3fa in the Protoglomerular Targeting of Zebrafish Olfactory Sensory Neurons (2022) Ryan Pei-Yen Cheng

Estimation and Inference for Convex Functions and Computational Efficiency in High Dimensional Statistics (2022) Ran Chen

The Role of PAQR8 in Breast Cancer Recurrence and Therapy Resistance (2022) Saisai Chen

Analysis and Control of Neural Network Dynamical Systems (2022) Shaoru Chen

Learning from Multiple and Heterogeneous Datasets (2022) Shuxiao Chen

Sublinear Algorithm and Lower Bound for Combinatorial Problems (2022) Yu Chen

Computational Mechanisms Underlying Perception of Visual Motion (2022) Benjamin Ming Chin

Computational Imaging Biomarkers for Precision Medicine: Characterizing Heterogeneity in Breast Cancer (2022) Rhea Devang Chitalia

Optical Imaging of Tissue Physiology with Exogenous Contrast Agents (2022) Sang Hoon Chong

Modeling Infertility: Single Gene Mutations and Consequences for Germ Cell Development (2022) Jessica Y Chotiner

Advancements in Modeling and Simulating Nonadiabatic Dynamics in Electrochemical Systems (2022) Alec Coffman

Building Community and Advancing Literacy Learning During a Pandemic and Beyond (2022) Amelia Coleman

Paving the Way to Empire: Roads in Ethiopia from Menelik II to Mussolini (2022) Caitlin Alexandra Collis

Structural Basis of a Transcription Pre-Initiation Complex on a Divergent Promoter (2022) Jose Jorge Gorbea Colón

Impacting Change in Student Retention: How Institutions Decide on and Execute Retention-Based Initiatives in Higher Education (2022) Darren C Conine

A Spin-Lattice Dynamics Model with Improved Energy and Angular Momentum Conservation (2022) Joseph R. Cooke

On Remembering, Ceasing to Be: For String Quartet & Chamber Ensemble (2022) Nathan Daniel Courtright

How Does She Do It? Strategies Used and Challenges Faced by Unmarried Student Mothers Enrolled in U.S. Four-Year Universities. (2022) Evangeline J. Tsibris Cummings

Compositional Generalization in Instruction Following Tasks (2022) Soham Dan

The Underrepresentation of Female Superintendents in New Jersey: What Are the Personal and Societal Considerations and Influences that Contribute to Underrepresentation? (2022) Karen D'Avino

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch? A Three Part Analysis of Free School Meal Programs Under the Community Eligibility Provision (2022) Rebecca Davis

The Role of Clot Structure and Mechanics on Hemodynamics and Pharmacology (2022) Michael DeCortin

The Perpetual Fragility of Creeping Hillslopes (2022) Nakul Shekhar Deshpande

Methods for Text Summarization Evaluation (2022) Daniel Deutsch


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