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Submissions from 2011

Optimal control of mobile malware epidemics (2011) MHR Khouzani

Mind Economy: Dynamic Graph Analysis of Communications (2011) Alexy Khrabrov

The effect of hospital price transparency in health care markets (2011) Michelle Kim

Leaning into discomfort: Exploring social class at a Quaker independent school (2011) Sarah McMenamin Kim

The voice on paper: A dialogic critique of public opinion polling (2011) Son Ho Kim

Protein design and material design at the nano-bio interface (2011) Yong Ho Kim

Architectural representation of the Pure Land: Constructing the cosmopolitan temple complex from Nagarjunakonda to Bulguksa (2011) Young Jae Kim

Understanding molecular chemistry of nanocrystals and nanostructures: Precursor, ligand, and surface chemistry (2011) Weon-kyu Koh

The Multiplexed SQUID TES array at Ninety Gigahertz (MUSTANG) (2011) Phillip M Korngut

Structure and molecular adsorption on ferroelectric surfaces (2011) Laura Kraya

Electronic properties of metal nano-contacts to perovskite surfaces and interfaces (2011) Ramsey A Kraya

Conjugal misconduct: Dubious vows, unlawful wedlock, and the margins of marital propriety in the United States, 1900–1940 (2011) William M Kuby

Development of novel Hepatitis C Virus DNA vaccines (2011) Krystle A. Lang Kuhs

Nuts, bolts and a bit of mettle: How parents prepare their boys and girls for the STEM pipeline (2011) Rashmi Kumar

A person among others: Music, morality, and postcolonial politics in the songs of Oliver Mtukudzi (2011) Jennifer Wyatt Kyker

American insides: Popular narrative and the historiography of sexuality 1674–1815 (2011) Greta L LaFleur

The guidance of olfactory sensory axons to identifiable protoglomeruli in the larval zebrafish olfactory bulb (2011) Vanisha Lakhina

Mobilizing regionalism at Land's End: Popular electric guitar music and the Caribbeanization of the Brazilian Amazon (2011) Darien V Lamen

The role of GATA1 acetylation during erythroid development (2011) Janine M Lamonica

The Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Tamandarin B Analogs (2011) Kenneth M Lassen

Kant's problem regarding others: Knowing, seeing, and treating others as free (2011) Marcy Latta

Leaves that sway: Gold Xianbei cap ornaments from northeast China (2011) Sarah Laursen

The elite and the street: Black class and culture in post-World War Two Philadelphia (2011) Jessica Ellen Lautin

Building trust one parent at a time: One principal's journey in creating relational trust with parents (2011) Daniel Lazar

“Don't class(ify) me”: Data, representation, and social class at an elite college (2011) Elizabeth M Lee


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