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Submissions from 2009

Diversifying the ivory tower: Complexities of serving as a senior admissions diversity officer in an evolving affirmative action climate (2009) DeAngela J Burns-Wallace

Ivy League or nothing: Influences of Caribbean American students' college aspiration and choice (2009) Karlene AP Burrell-McRae

Ferritin: A biotemplate and anesthetic target (2009) Christopher A Butts

Three essays on gender inequalities, human capital and development in Guatemala (2009) Maria Cecilia Calderon

Investigating the environment of magnesium II absorption line systems with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (2009) Michelle A Caler

Marginal economies: Media circulation and the material culture of modernism (2009) Timothy Carmody

Characterization of the expression, localization, regulation and role of pancreatic derived factor (PANDER, FAM3B) in pancreatic alpha cells (2009) Jason R Carnegie

Cultural histories of Pashtun nationalism, public participation, and social inequality in monarchic Afghanistan, 1905–1960 (2009) James M Caron

Reframing the work of the board: A case study of intentional change (2009) John Vincent Caron

The Tcrβ loci: Mechanisms controlling rearrangement and allelic exclusion (2009) Andrea Christine Carpenter

Lymphocyte response and dysregulation in human cancer (2009) Erica L Carpenter

Antidepressant and anxiolytic-like effects of kappa-opioid receptor antagonists in Wistar Kyoto rats (2009) Gregory Vernon Carr

Role and regulation of the actin -regulatory protein HS1 in TCR signaling (2009) Esteban Carrizosa

A study of Japanese children's magazines 1888-1949 (2009) Nona L Carter

Role of the forkhead transcription factor, fktf-1, in the development of Strongyloides stercoralis (2009) Michelle Lynn Castelletto

An analysis of career choices among teachers of high academic ability (2009) Anne N Catena

The influence of maternal HIV serostatus on mother -daughter sexual risk communication and adolescent engagement in HIV risk behaviors (2009) Julie A Cederbaum

Software model checking for confidentiality (2009) Pavol Cerny

Metaphysics and the critical method: Reevaluating Kant's response to Hume (2009) Brian A Chance

Capillary force in high aspect-ratio micropillar arrays (2009) Dinesh Chandra

Transcriptional and translational control of zebrafish mesodermal development (2009) Lisa L Chang

ATR and H2AX cooperate in maintaining genome stability under replication stress (2009) Rebecca Chanoux

Dissipative particle dynamics for mesoscopic particle-based thermal-fluid simulations (2009) Anuj Chaudhri

Essays on information diffusion and regulation (2009) Yijuan Chen

Difference matters: Race, immigration and national identity at a diverse, urban public high school (2009) Anita P Chikkatur


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