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Submissions from 2010

Negotiating modernity: Edvard Munch's late figural work, 1900-1925 (2010) Alison W Chang

Novel roles for the SMC5/6 complex and DNA helicase MPH1 in template switch recombination (2010) Alejandro Chavez

Microrheology of soft matter (2010) Daniel Tien-Nang Chen

Tradition and transformation: Cataloguing Chinese art in the middle and late imperial eras (2010) Yen-Wen Cheng

Essays on optimal investment allocation and consumption over the life-cycle (2010) Ying Chen

Identification of proteins associated with specialized (secretory) organelles in apicomplexan parasites (2010) ZhongQiang Chen

Online retailing in spatially dispersed offline markets (2010) Jeonghye Choi

Writing to power: Tyrant and sage in Greek epistolography (2010) John Paul Christy

The dualities of endurance: A collaborative historical archaeology of ethnogenesis at Brothertown, 1780–1910 (2010) Craig N Cipolla

Soil organic carbon content and quality in postagricultural northern hardwood forests (2010) John D Clark

Art fronts: Visual culture and race politics in the mid-twentieth-century United States (2010) Erin Park Cohn

Have cap, will travel; U.S. nurses abroad 1898–1917 (2010) Winifred C Connerton

Mid-century romance: Modernist afterlives of the historical novel (2010) John T Connor

Role of mitochondrial-targeted human cytochrome P450 2D6 in drug metabolism and toxicity (2010) Michelle Cook Sangar

Extracurricular activities and wage differentials (2010) Cristiano Machado Costa

The pathological and biochemical characterization of leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 in Parkinson's disease (2010) Jason P Covy

Genetic determinants of virulence for the A59 and JHM strains of mouse hepatitis virus (2010) Timothy J Cowley

Probing the neurophysiology of anxiety: Social stress alters the modulation of serotonin neurons (2010) LaTasha K Crawford

Deliberation in Aristotle's ethics and the Hippocratic Corpus (2010) Anna M Cremaldi

Circuitry underlying sleep in Drosophila melanogaster : Anatomy and the role of octopamine (2010) Amanda Crocker

Gender (in)query: Young adults learning, unlearning, and relearning gender in a queer majority space (2010) Erin G Cross

Turning higher education green from the inside out: A qualitative study of four colleges and universities who “made green happen” (2010) Glenn A Cummings

Examining the mechanisms of tailoring: Extending the integrative model of behavioral prediction (2010) Brenda L Curtis

The development, characterization and implementation of a reactive oxygen species-responsive ratiometric bioluminescent reporter and its use as a sensor for programmed cell death (2010) Julie Czupryna

Essays on the economics of digital media and Internet piracy (2010) Brett Danaher


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