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Submissions from 2008

The formless Groszstadt and its potent negativity: Berlin, 1910 through the eyes of Endell, Scheffler, and Hegemann (2008) Alexander Eisenschmidt

Perceptual consciousness (2008) Edward Epsen

Seeing through glass: The fictive role of glass in shaping architecture from Joseph Paxton's “Crystal Palace” to Bruno Taut's “Glashaus” (2008) Ufuk Ersoy

Inside and out: Community reentry, continuity and change among formerly -incarcerated urban youth (2008) Jamie J Fader

Differential treatment effects due to post randomization psychological factors: A causal rank preserving modeling approach (2008) Jennifer A Faerber

Robustness of temporal logic specifications (2008) Georgios E Fainekos

Documentary for change (2008) Paul Falzone

Accountability, *evidence, and school district decision-making (2008) Elizabeth Nash Farley-Ripple

Precipitation in solution-treated aluminum-4wt%copper under cyclic strain (2008) Adam M Farrow

To opine or not to opine: The consequences of opinionated news for political information processing, attitudes, and knowledge (2008) Lauren Feldman

Pseudomodular Fricke groups (2008) David Fithian

1. Application of the intramolecular crossed [2 + 2] photocycloaddition/retro-Mannich/Mannich cascade of vinylogous imides toward the synthesis of a sarain A bicycle. 2. Studies directed toward the synthesis of nakadomarin A (2008) Mark E Fitzgerald

Strategic planning as though learning matters: In search of evidence at small colleges (2008) Eleanor A Fogarty

Studies directed toward the total synthesis of the (+)-rimocidin aglycon (2008) Megan A Foley

The land -grant mission 2.0: Distributed regional engagement (2008) Nancy Elizabeth Franklin

Demystifying teacher leadership in comprehensive high schools (2008) Robert Joseph Fraser

Assessing Philadelphia's community institutional capacity for prisoner reentry (2008) Beverly D Frazier

A qualitative examination of a university/theatre partnership based on Kanter's partnership phases (2008) Ty A Furman

Domestic violence crimes and child exposure: A population-based investigation of direct sensory exposure and the nature of involvement (2008) Rachel A Fusco

Lay religious women and church reform in late medieval Munster: A case study of the Beguines (2008) Erica Gelser

Structural studies of a zinc -dependent deacetylase and a sesquiterpene cyclase (2008) Heather Angell Gennadios

Calcium buffering in the chick cochlear hair cell active zone (2008) Matthew Michael Giampoala

A comparison of outcomes of cognitive therapy for depression in randomized controlled trials to outcomes in an outpatient clinic (2008) Carly J Gibbons

Roman soldiers and the Roman army: A study of military life from archaeological remains (2008) Rikke Deanne Giles

Short-term mood regulation: Cognitive, neural, and genetic associations (2008) Seth J Gillihan


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