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Submissions from 2020

Elucidating Human Inflammasome Responses to Legionella pneumophila and Lipopolysaccharide Variants (2020) Antonia R Bass

The Talent Factory: A Study of Grit, Mindset, and Student-Athletes (2020) Johné Everett Battle

Development and Validation of Novel Transmitted/Founder SHIVs for HIV-1 Persistence and Cure Research (2020) Anya Margaret Bauer

Elucidating the Regulatory Role of 3D Genome Folding During Neural Differentiation and Synaptic Activation (2020) Jonathan A Beagan

Mining the Spatial and Temporal Context by Which Transcription Factors Occupy Chromatin (2020) Vivek Behera

Foundations of Inequality: Construction, Political Economy, Race, and the Body in Palestine/Israel, 1918-1973 (2020) Nimrod Ben-Zeev

Building the Civilization of Love: The Black Student Experience at Salesianum School (2020) Julius Christian Beretta

Recruitment & Career Experiences of Diverse Faculty Couples at AAU Universities (2020) Daniel Jerome Blake

How AI-Powered Chatbots Are Being Adopted and Used by Higher Education Institutions to Improve the Student Experience by Scaling Professional Staff (2020) Jesse Anne Boeding

Navigating Language Policy in State Education Agencies: English Learner Reclassification in WIDA States (2020) Kenneth M Bond

Community College Presidential Transitions: Building an Effective Leadership Team (2020) Susan G Bowen

Regulation of Selection and Central Tolerance by the N-Terminal Region of RAG1 (2020) Thomas Niels Burn

Examining the Impact of Trauma-informed Care Professional Development on Teachers' Practices (2020) Curtis Callands

En busca del macho y otras ficciones: Representaciones contemporáneas de masculinidades latinoamericanas (2020) Nelson Cárdenas

What’S the Promise Worth? Employability and Career Outcomes of Undergraduate Students at Three Public Universities (2020) Jeffrey Daniel Carpenter

Pushing the Limits of the Double Copy (2020) Mariana Carrillo González

The Effects of Vertebral Morphology and Composition on Stem-Tetrapod Intervertebral Joint Functional Behavior (2020) Aja Mia Carter

Measurement Error and Missing Data Methods in Biomarker Research (2020) Carrie Caswell

Journalism and Activism Anew: Participatory Movements with Adolescents Writing for Change (2020) Emily Claire Plummer Catena

Functionalism, Lexical Contrast and Sound Change (2020) Andrea Ceolin

Ideals from a Distance: Assessing Objections to Idealization Within Moral and Political Theory (2020) Chetan Cetty

Communal Lyricisms and the Lyricization of English Poetry, 1650–1790 (2020) Christopher Chan

Diversity as Impression Management (2020) Edward H Chang

Geometry, Anisotropy and Heterogeneity — a Study of Modulated Nematics, Ecology and Evolution (2020) Nandita Chaturvedi

Grain Boundary Mobility Tensor and Topological Phase Transitions (2020) Kongtao Chen


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