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Submissions from 2021

First and Poor: Understanding How First-Generation Low- Income Students at Elite University Formulate and Understand Their Sense of Belonging in the Age of COVID-19 (2021) Ndeh Willy Anyu

Learning through Transitions: Exploring the Relationships between Emotional Intelligence Competencies and Learning Agility (2021) Oscar E Arias

The Effects of a Closed-Cohort Model of Ged Preparation on Students’ Completion Rates & Dispositions toward Post-secondary Learning (2021) Jeffery Clark Arnott

Disciplinarity, Interdisciplinarity, and the Digital Turn: A Case Study of a First Year Seminar Repurposing Wikis (2021) James D Arrington

Statistical Methods for Paired Transplant Genetic Data (2021) Victoria Arthur

Hope Beyond the Current Struggle: How Female African American Healthcare Leaders Cope with Discrimination in the Workplace (2021) Jennifer Marie Bailey-Jackson

Uncovering Constraints on Organoid Morphologies (2021) Lauren E Beck

Economics of Buyouts (2021) Alexander Belyakov

Quantitative Methods for Guiding Epilepsy Surgery from Intracranial EEG (2021) John M Bernabei

Characterizing the Outer Solar System with the Dark Energy Survey (2021) Pedro H Bernardinelli

Making Space: Teacher Perceptions of How Participation and Choice Are Mediated within Maker Education in Independent Schools (2021) Kelly Bird

Politics and Prosthetics: 150 Years of Disability in Japan (2021) Mark Ross Bookman

Insights into Inherited Thrombocytopenia Resulting from Mutations in ETV6 or RUNX1 Using a Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Model (2021) Sara Borst

Essays on Firm-Level Distortions and Aggregate Productivity (2021) Gorkem Bostanci

Caring for Actively Dying Children and Their Parents in the Pediatric ICU: A Mixed Methods Study (2021) Elizabeth G Broden

Modeling Genetic, Neural and Behavioral Correlates of Substance Use Disorders in Mice (2021) Julia Katherine Brynildsen

Teacher-Student Relationships in a Philadelphia High School (2021) Bridget Julie Bujak

Implantable Micro-Tissue Engineered Nerve Grafts to Maintain Regenerative Capacity and Facilitate Functional Recovery Following Nervous System Injury (2021) Justin C Burrell

A Comparison Study on E-Coaching and Face-to-Face Coaching (2021) Towanna C Burrous

Algorithmic Analysis and Statistical Inference of Sparse Models in High Dimension (2021) Zhiqi Bu

The Role of Active DNA Demethylation in Mammalian Epigenetic Reprogramming (2021) Blake A Caldwell

Hexosamine Salvage in Pancreatic Cancer (2021) Sydney L Campbell

The Immediacy of Linguistic Computation (2021) Spencer Philip Caplan

Targeting Endogenous Homeostatic Mechanisms for the Treatment of Cocaine Use Disorder: Contribution of NR4A1 and Target Gene Expression (2021) Marco Devaughn Carpenter

Unfolding Musicking Archives at the Northwest Amazon (2021) Juan Carlos Castrillón Vallejo


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