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Submissions from 2017

The Human Heterochromatin Landscape: Genomic Subtypes, Bound Proteins, and Contributions to Cell Identity (2017) Justin S Becker

The Genetic Architecture Underlying Rapid Seasonal Evolution in Natural Populations of Drosophila Melanogaster (2017) Emily Louise Behrman

Tumor Interferon Signaling Initiates and Sustains a Multigenic Resistance Program to Immune Checkpoint Blockade (2017) Joseph L Benci

Biophysical and Biomolecular Components of Dendritic Cell Chemokinesis (2017) Amy C Bendell

An Examination of Medical Technology Disadoption and its Relation to Technology Adoption and Physician Organization (2017) Henry Bergquist

Blame, Desert, and Termination (2017) Vikram R Bhargava

The Design and Engineering of an Artificial Protein Magnetosensor (2017) Chris Bialas

Exploring the Influence of Team Emotional Intelligence on How Virtual Teams Handle Differences (2017) Karen L Bicking

Exploring Potential Connections between Philadelphia-Area Catholic High School Experiences and Graduates' Later Life Pathways: Are These Schools Helping to Shape Service-Oriented Citizens? (2017) Patricia Boyle

The Network Structure of Collective Innovation (2017) Devon Brackbill

Transcriptome-Wide Studies of Hypoxic Cancer Cells Identify Alternative Splicing as a Mechanism to Inhibit Translation (2017) Lauren Kathleen Brady

Obligato / Oblige: A Musical Etymology (2017) Suzanne Anita Bratt

The Financial Implications of No-Loan Policies at Private Elite Liberal Arts Colleges (2017) Symeon O Braxton

Community College Internationalization: The Role of Presidential Leadership (2017) Michael Brennan

Breast Cancer Survivors and Medication Adherence: The Role of Health Beliefs, Perceptions of Aging, and Partner Support (2017) Moriah Julia Brier

Proteolytic Activation by ADAMTS3 Defines Distinct Mechanisms of Lymphangiogenesis Mediated By VEGFC And VEGFD (2017) Hung Manh Bui

Mending a Broken Chain: Continuous History and Literary Form in England and Wales, 1125-1450 (2017) Jacqueline M Burek

Well-Connected: Exploring Parent Social Networks in a Gentrifying School (2017) Gina A Cappelletti

The Impact of School Library Design on the Development of Multiple Literacy Skills in Early Childhood Students (2017) Anna Carello

A Hidden Curriculum of Control: The Inequities of Urban Schooling (2017) Nicole Mittenfelner Carl

Redundant Information and Predictable Stock Price Returns (2017) Michael Philip Carniol

The Neural Mechanisms of Conformity Across Socioeconomic Status and Development (2017) Christopher N Cascio

Technology for Improving Early Reading in Multi-Lingual Settings: Evidence from Rural South Africa (2017) Nathan M Castillo

The Architects and Architecture of Knowledge: The Formation and Circulation of Social Identities in Higher Education Research (2017) Andres Castro Samayoa

Histone Variant MacroH2A in the Gut and Beyond: A Study of Intestinal Fortitude (2017) Ryan Cedeno


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