A critical edition of the Patanjalayogasastravivarana, First Pada, Samadhipada with an introduction

Kengo Harimoto, University of Pennsylvania


A new edition of the Pātañjalayogaśāstravivarana (YVi), a commentary on the Yogabhāsya, which itself is a commentary on the Yogasūtra has long been awaited. This is the first part of the text, critically edited, using five manuscripts, including those not used in the initial publication. The introduction describes each manuscript and discusses relationship among them. All the available manuscripts are found to have derived from a single manuscript that is the exemplar of one of them. The introduction also discusses the authorship problem—whether the YVi was written by famous Śan˙kara. Despite efforts of scholars, there is no conclusive evidence that leads to either conclusion—authentic or spurious—although circumstantial evidence that supports Śan˙kara's authorship is accumulating. Some of the criteria proposed by Hacker and Mayeda are applicable to the YVi. The result is positive. A thesis that the YVi was written by an author of the same name who had close tie with the Payyur family from Kerala (14–16th centuries) is then examined. No direct connection between the name “Śan˙kara(bhagavat),” mentioned as (a) teacher(s) of Parameśvara(s) from the family and the YVi can be established. I find, however, that works of Mandana on which two Parameśvaras from the Payyur family wrote commentaries might have been written knowing the author of the YVi. This is a result of observing the criticism of Kumārila's verses in the YVi and the Sphotasiddhi of Mandana and sections on Īśvara in the YVi and the Vidhiviveka of Mandana. Furthermore, the Brahmaūtrabhāsya of Śan˙kara appears to presuppose the YVi. Mandana is traditionally considered a contemporary of Śan˙kara. These, combined, appear to suggest Śan˙kara's authorship of the YVi. The text in this edition maintains linguistic features in the most original manuscripts. It is accompanied with critical apparatus and notes on related texts.

Subject Area

Philosophy|Classical studies|Asian literature

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Harimoto, Kengo, "A critical edition of the Patanjalayogasastravivarana, First Pada, Samadhipada with an introduction" (1999). Dissertations available from ProQuest. AAI9953541.