Interaction on the network: A case of PennMOO among ESL learners

Fara Adlina Wan-Mansor, University of Pennsylvania


This qualitative case study investigates the interaction of six ESL learners on PennMOO, a text-based, networked, virtual environment at the University of Pennsylvania. Data were gathered through participant-observation conducted within that virtual world by being on-line and in the same virtual room with the participants. The findings show that despite being in written form, participants interacted actively and effectively in the target language in situations which resembled face-to-face interaction. The hypertext and synchronous features of PennMOO allow the participants to naturally participate by interacting with others, manipulating the environment, and playing with language. Results suggest that the environment in PennMOO offers opportunity for real conversation and allows participants to tap their learning potential and to interact actively as a speech community.

Subject Area

Language arts|Educational software|Higher education

Recommended Citation

Wan-Mansor, Fara Adlina, "Interaction on the network: A case of PennMOO among ESL learners" (1998). Dissertations available from ProQuest. AAI9840254.