Enhancement of student learning through a portfolio process

Dorothy Caroline Vlaskamp, University of Pennsylvania


The study was designed to investigate the use of the student self-assessment portfolio as a means to enhance a student's learning experience, thinking capabilities and acquisition of knowledge. The three subjects, two boys and one girl, highlighted in this study are fourth grade students representative of different learning styles, strengths and weaknesses in learning within a self-contained classroom of eighteen students in an urban, independent school of modest financial and physical means. By means of a descriptive analytic case study by the classroom teacher, the student's assessment portfolio is viewed as an integral part of curriculum and instruction, supported by identifiable inherent factors within the classroom operations necessary to the portfolio process. The student assessment portfolio engaged the student over time to become more rigorous in learning by having opportunities for reflection and to be thoughtful respondents and judges of their own learning and work.

Subject Area

Elementary education|Literacy|Reading instruction|Teacher education

Recommended Citation

Vlaskamp, Dorothy Caroline, "Enhancement of student learning through a portfolio process" (1994). Dissertations available from ProQuest. AAI9431596.