Essays on product buy-back countertrade and anti-dumping legislation

Tro Kortian, University of Pennsylvania


In recent years the international economy has witnessed the growth of a rather exotic form of international trading practice known as countertrade. In response to the paucity of theoretical models on this type of behavior, the text provides a theoretical formalization of the product buy-back form of countertrade. Specific to international transactions in technology, product buy-back contractual arrangements are shown to act as a type of incentive mechanism in exchanges where moral hazard problems appear both on the side of the technology supplier as well as on the side of the technology recipient. The relationship between product buy-back arrangements and international equity joint ventures is examined. A rationale for the utilization of buy-back type arrangements in certain international joint ventures is also proposed. The text also includes an essay examining the collusion-fostering attributes of fully enforced anti-dumping legislation.

Subject Area

Economics|Business costs

Recommended Citation

Kortian, Tro, "Essays on product buy-back countertrade and anti-dumping legislation" (1991). Dissertations available from ProQuest. AAI9200358.