A strategic options framework for multinational exploration and decision-making

Dileep Hurry, University of Pennsylvania


This dissertation develops an analytical framework for the international growth strategies of multinational firms. The process through which these corporations expand is seen as the purchase and exercise of "options" over time in a continuous "exploration" of future global opportunities. Received theory has been considered from the fields of international business, options pricing theory in finance, strategic management and organization theory. Evidence in support of the framework includes previous empirical studies, economic and scenario experimentation designed to investigate option investment, case histories of multinational corporations, and a survey of option-exploring multinational organizations. The potential contributions of this new approach to the fields of international business, strategic management and organization theory have been enumerated and suggestions for future research have been made. Finally, normative applications for corporate use and suggestions for further development have been presented.

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Hurry, Dileep, "A strategic options framework for multinational exploration and decision-making" (1990). Dissertations available from ProQuest. AAI9026582.