Executive coach supervision: The dynamics and effects

David J DeFilippo, University of Pennsylvania


The rapid growth of the executive coaching field has led to questions about coach credentialing, coaching methodology and continuing professional development and, as a result, the practice of coach supervision has emerged as one way to address these uncertainties (de Haan & Duckworth, 2010, Gray, 2007, Stevens, 2004, Summerfield, 2002.) This qualitative research study, which is framed by theories from the fields of executive coaching, therapeutic supervision and coach supervision, investigates the phenomena of the coach supervision process by focusing on what takes place between the coach and coach supervisor. The findings of this research study have implications for multiple audiences. Executives who undertake coaching will benefit from the emerging practices in the growing field of executive coaching, as well as organizational learning and organizational development practitioners who procure and design executive coaching engagements. Additionally, coaching providers who supply executive coaches will obtain insights on the requirements for including supervision as part of their offerings, in addition to coach training organizations, which will expand their perspectives on the methodologies for supervision, coach education, and continuing development. As a result of the interviews with nine coach supervisory dyads, which included coach and coach supervisors, the findings of this research study include an examination of the coach supervision process. Through a qualitative and thematic research design the relationships, emotions and effects of coach supervision were revealed, leading to insights about the processes and methodologies for coach supervision, as well as the preconditions and skills required for coaches and coach supervisors. These findings provide the research community with insights about the dynamics and effects of executive coach supervision that can be put into practice and also be used for further research.

Subject Area

Business education

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DeFilippo, David J, "Executive coach supervision: The dynamics and effects" (2013). Dissertations available from ProQuest. AAI3592866.