Teacher hiring practices: What practitioners say work

Vincent E Citarelli, University of Pennsylvania


Arguably the most important part of an educational administrator's job is putting the best possible people into the position of classroom teacher. These individuals who are selected to become some of the most influential people in our children's lives must be heavily scrutinized and well deserving, as they directly impact the future everyday that they come to work. The main objective of this study was to recognize why some public school districts are able to consistently acquire highly effective teachers through their district's hiring process. Moreover, this study will be used to identify some of the these valuable teacher hiring practices so that they can be implemented in any public school district to help increase the likelihood of hiring highly effective teachers each and every year. The researcher's ultimate goal was to develop an action plan for his school district detailing how to develop the most effective teacher hiring process system for their particular educational organization. A secondary purpose for conducting this study was to find out if the methods that these school districts use in their hiring practices are in agreement with the methods that researchers report are the most effective in hiring the best teacher candidates. Ultimately, by conducting this study, a determination can be made to see if teacher-hiring practices used in the field of education by administrative practitioners are consistent with what the research on teacher-hiring practices claims are the most effective practices.

Subject Area

School administration

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Citarelli, Vincent E, "Teacher hiring practices: What practitioners say work" (2006). Dissertations available from ProQuest. AAI3209970.