Systems approach to metro network design

Jienki Synn, University of Pennsylvania


In spite of their permanence and strong impacts on cities, some aspects of metro systems have attracted rather limited attention in the field of urban transportation planning. Literature on experiences and knowledge regarding the planning, design and evaluation of various metro line/network forms is difficult to locate. Furthermore, technological and operational innovations are rapidly changing many aspects of metro planning and design requirements, yet their impacts—and new geometric network forms they enable—have not been clearly articulated in existing theory and methodology for systematic metro network design and evaluation. This research facilitates a systems approach to metro network planning, and develops metro network design measures to consider in planning and evaluation. The research utilizes theoretical analyses and empirical survey of metro operators, and examines the planning process, different geometric line/network forms and their operational characteristics. Systems insights and new considerations stemming from this work are expected to assist in better planning and design of metro lines and networks, and help achieve a higher level of metro performance and operation.

Subject Area

Urban planning|Area planning & development|Transportation

Recommended Citation

Synn, Jienki, "Systems approach to metro network design" (2005). Dissertations available from ProQuest. AAI3179820.