Who moved my classroom? Enabling instructor performance for the 2010s

Guido A Minaya, University of Pennsylvania


This study is about how the changes in technology and learning strategies are affecting instruction in corporate training programs. The purpose of this mixed methods research study was to assess if a targeted instructor professional development initiative is an effective approach in transitioning corporate university instructors from a traditional learning model to one that incorporates blended learning curricula and mixed media delivery platforms. The following were findings based on the leadership interviews: blended Learning is a more mature offer now and part of the new corporate training learning architecture and is here to stay; there is an increased motivation by corporate universities to reduce costs and increasing scale which is driving the shift to blended learning; leadership perspective is instructors fear that e-learning and blended learning will take away their jobs; there is little evidence that formal development programs exist to help instructors understand their role in a blended learning curriculum; instructors who do not transition into the blended learning format will have limited future career options; corporate universities that do not transition into the blended learning model will not be sustainable from a cost and value perspective; leadership recommends Kirkpatrick Level 1 to Level 3 to show that an intervention focused on instructors transitioning from a traditional classroom model to a blended learning model is effective. The following were findings based on the instructor interviews: instructors have fears and concerns about e-learning; they believe it will displace their jobs and will not be as effective from a quality perspective; instructors fear e-learning because they are uncomfortable with e-learning technology; there is limited formal skills preparation available for “live Internet” applications focused on curricula instructors deliver; there is a basic understanding of the mechanics of blended learning but not of the role instructors have in blending learning curricula; instructors understand not moving forward into new delivery platform media limits their careers. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)

Subject Area

School administration|Higher education|Adult education|Continuing education|Inservice training

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Minaya, Guido A, "Who moved my classroom? Enabling instructor performance for the 2010s" (2005). Dissertations available from ProQuest. AAI3168036.