Community -university partnerships in action: A case study of the Louisiana State University-Old South Baton Rouge partnership

Gregory J Vincent, University of Pennsylvania


The Community University Partnership with Old South Baton Rouge coordinates a comprehensive initiative to focus the resources of Louisiana State University and the strengths of the Old South Baton Rouge community on the rehabilitation of Thomas Delpit Drive. The Drive was once a vital part of the thriving Old South Baton Rouge neighborhood. Lined by old Louisiana homes and the first public school for Louisiana African Americans, this corridor, along with the once vital community, still holds memories and history of Old South Baton Rouge. However, the corridor has fallen into disrepair and inactivity. The CUP-Old South Baton Rouge Project has been designed through a multi-disciplinary effort primarily involving the College of Design, the College of Agriculture, the School of Social Work, the College of Education, the College of Arts and Sciences, the LSU Law Center and the Business School. This campus group has worked through the Community Advisory Board to collaborate with the Old South Baton Rouge neighborhood residents and organizations. This dissertation is a case study of the LSU/OSBR partnership. The conclusions reached here may help to contribute to how LSU and the Old South Baton Rouge can sustain and improve its efforts to revitalize the community. This study is descriptive and interpretive of the workings of the LSU/OSBR CUP and the perceptions of the community members, LSU professors, administrators and students involved in the partnership. Using purposive sampling to identify key stakeholders, the researcher completed a comprehensive document review and conducted over 20 open ended and unstructured interviews. The interviewees included the LSU/OSBR CUP leadership team, faculty participants, community participants and residents, with a goal of describing the level of enthusiasm for the project. This process helped the researcher gain a better understanding by examining the key participants' current perceptions of the project and their sense of the future directions of the initiative. ^

Subject Area

Education, Administration|Political Science, Public Administration

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Vincent, Gregory J, "Community -university partnerships in action: A case study of the Louisiana State University-Old South Baton Rouge partnership" (2004). Dissertations available from ProQuest. AAI3124701.