Anderson-Bernoulli Localization on 2D and 3D Lattice

Linjun Li, University of Pennsylvania


The Anderson model describes the behaviour of electrons inside a piece of metal with uniform impurity. The Anderson-Bernoulli model is a special case of the Anderson model where the potential has Bernoulli distribution. We consider Anderson-Bernoulli localization on d dimensional lattice for d=2,3. For d=2, we prove that, if the potential has symmetric Bernoulli distribution and the disorder is large, then localization happens outside a small neighborhood of finitely many energies. For d=3, we prove that localization happens at the bottom of the spectrum.

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Li, Linjun, "Anderson-Bernoulli Localization on 2D and 3D Lattice" (2022). Dissertations available from ProQuest. AAI29260573.