Preparing Successful Teachers of Mathematics

Joy Davis Anderson, University of Pennsylvania


This dissertation investigates the contributions of the preservice experience to the continuing development of novice elementary school teachers’ math pedagogy and practice. Using case study methodology and descriptive narrative, this phenomenologically-oriented study focuses on novice teachers’ development along two critical knowledge constructs: subject matter knowledge and pedagogical knowledge. Emphasis is placed on the mathematical knowledge, experiences and beliefs that novice teachers bring to the preservice experience. The results of this study suggest that despite the decades old theoretical shift in k-12 mathematics education to a constructivist, meaning making pedagogy, many novice teachers’ K-12 math experiences continue to be dominated by a decontextualized, procedural approach to the discipline. Consequently, the primary contribution of preservice to the study participants’ development as math teachers involved facilitating a fundamental shift in their perspective of math and how to teach it—a shift toward a constructivist-oriented pedagogy (Cochran-Smith, 2008; Kenney, 1999).^

Subject Area

Mathematics education|Education|Teacher education

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Anderson, Joy Davis, "Preparing Successful Teachers of Mathematics" (2017). Dissertations available from ProQuest. AAI10271019.