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Submissions from 2019

What Losing the Newspaper Means: Nostalgia and the U.S. Newspaper in Late Modernity (2019) Nicholas John Gilewicz

Merchants in the Later Roman Empire (2019) Jane Sancinito

Submissions from 2018

Everyday Vodun: Materiality, Affect, and Knowledge in Southern Benin (2018) Venise Nichole Adjibodou

The Role of Attributions in the Perception of Criticism (2018) Kelly M Allred

Dissecting the functions of atr in replication fork stability (2018) Theonie Anastassiadis

Fantastic Beasts of the Eurasian Steppes: Toward a Revisionist Approach to Animal-Style Art (2018) Petya Andreeva

Making History: Spanish Migrants in Middle Class Lima (2018) Diego Arispe-Bazan

Outcomes of Tuition Resets at Small, Private, Not-for-Profit Institutions (2018) Andrew S Armitage

Interfacial Wave Dynamics of Core-Annular Flow of Two Fluids (2018) Mohammed Asaduzzaman

Combinatorial Optimization on Massive Datasets: Streaming, Distributed, and Massively Parallel Computation (2018) Sepehr Assadi

Understanding the Reasons for and Results of Institutional Studies on the Status of Female Undergraduates on Campus: Three Case Studies of Elite Universities (2018) Jessica Beth Bacal

Pattern Formation by Cells on Curved Surfaces (2018) Nathan Donald Bade

Pain in Active Duty Military Members: The Relationship of Persistent Acute and Chronic Pain with Physical, Mental, and Social Health (2018) Christine E Bader

Selective Exposure to Misleading Information in the New Media Environment by At-Risk Youth: A Study of Pro-Smoking Youtube Videos (2018) Rosie Eungyuhl Bae

Satisfaction with Online Learning Options in the Insurance Industry: Does Mindfulness Play a Role (2018) Lisa Bage

Seeing Race and Erasing Slavery: Media and the Construction of Blackness in Iran, 1830-1960 (2018) Beeta Baghoolizadeh

A Search for Nothing: Dark Matter and Invisible Decays of the Higgs Boson at the ATLAS Detector (2018) William Balunas

Condensation and Mobility Studies of Fluid Interfaces (2018) Paul L Barclay

High Academically Achieving Rural High School Students' Perceptions of the Influences on Their College Choice Decisions (2018) Denny Hayes Barr

Design Principles of Mammalian Transcriptional Regulation (2018) Caroline R Bartman

Enhancement of Ebola Virus Infection by Seminal Amyloid Fibrils (2018) Stephen Michael Bart

The Network Dynamics of Social Influence in the Wisdom of Crowds (2018) Joshua Becker

Detailing worlds: a history of architectural particulars, 1755-1899 (2018) Eric Bellin

Flavor Added: The Sciences of Flavor and the Industrialization of Taste in America (2018) Nadia Berenstein

A Commitment to Diversity: The Journey of Two Christian Colleges Developing an Explicit Institutional Commitment to Diversity (2018) Dara Berkhalter


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