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Submissions from 2019

Merchants in the Later Roman Empire (2019) Jane Sancinito

Submissions from 2018

The Role of Attributions in the Perception of Criticism (2018) Kelly M Allred

Dissecting the functions of atr in replication fork stability (2018) Theonie Anastassiadis

Fantastic Beasts of the Eurasian Steppes: Toward a Revisionist Approach to Animal-Style Art (2018) Petya Andreeva

Making History: Spanish Migrants in Middle Class Lima (2018) Diego Arispe-Bazan

Outcomes of Tuition Resets at Small, Private, Not-for-Profit Institutions (2018) Andrew S Armitage

Interfacial Wave Dynamics of Core-Annular Flow of Two Fluids (2018) Mohammed Asaduzzaman

Understanding the Reasons for and Results of Institutional Studies on the Status of Female Undergraduates on Campus: Three Case Studies of Elite Universities (2018) Jessica Beth Bacal

Pattern Formation by Cells on Curved Surfaces (2018) Nathan Donald Bade

Pain in Active Duty Military Members: The Relationship of Persistent Acute and Chronic Pain with Physical, Mental, and Social Health (2018) Christine E Bader

Selective Exposure to Misleading Information in the New Media Environment by At-Risk Youth: A Study of Pro-Smoking Youtube Videos (2018) Rosie Eungyuhl Bae

Satisfaction with Online Learning Options in the Insurance Industry: Does Mindfulness Play a Role (2018) Lisa Bage

Seeing Race and Erasing Slavery: Media and the Construction of Blackness in Iran, 1830-1960 (2018) Beeta Baghoolizadeh

A Search for Nothing: Dark Matter and Invisible Decays of the Higgs Boson at the ATLAS Detector (2018) William Balunas

High Academically Achieving Rural High School Students' Perceptions of the Influences on Their College Choice Decisions (2018) Denny Hayes Barr

Enhancement of Ebola Virus Infection by Seminal Amyloid Fibrils (2018) Stephen Michael Bart

The Network Dynamics of Social Influence in the Wisdom of Crowds (2018) Joshua Becker

Detailing worlds: a history of architectural particulars, 1755-1899 (2018) Eric Bellin

Flavor Added: The Sciences of Flavor and the Industrialization of Taste in America (2018) Nadia Berenstein

A Commitment to Diversity: The Journey of Two Christian Colleges Developing an Explicit Institutional Commitment to Diversity (2018) Dara Berkhalter

An Act-focused Theory of Political Legitimacy (2018) Justin Bernstein

Biological Research on Behavior as Extra-legal and Discretionary Factors in Sentencing and Punishment (2018) Colleen Berryessa

Trafficking in Anti-Blackness: The Political Stakes of "Modern Day Slavery" Discourse in Global Campaigns to End Human Trafficking (2018) Lyndsey Paige Beutin

The Interpersonal Consequences of Humor (2018) Thomas Bradford Bitterly

Mechanisms Underlying Oxidative Stress-induced Chromatin Association of Cockayne Syndrome Protein B (CSB) (2018) Erica L Boetefuer


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