About This Journal

About Us

Discentes began as an undergraduate magazine attached to the Classical Studies Department at the University of Pennsylvania in 2012. We published an eclectic array of essays, research papers and interviews submitted intra-departmentally. Beginning in 2016, Discentes switched its focus from an internal publication to a peer-reviewed, intercollegiate journal.

As a journal, Discentes shares novel research material with the rest of the Classical community. We are funded by Penn to maintain an open-access publication that is free to the public. Students of any university can submit to Discentes, but only those articles meeting the journal’s criteria of academic rigor will ultimately be selected and printed.

Two issues of Discentes are printed every year. Previous issues of Discentes can be accessed through the left scrollbar. Interested authors can see our Policies page for more information on our submissions protocol. Questions concerning submissions, or the publication in general, can be directed to penndiscentes [at] gmail [dot] com.