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Severe alveolar bone loss affects dental implant placement. Bone augmentation by grafting iliac crest bone rich in osteoprogenitor cells like bone marrow stromal cells (BMSCs) requires a second surgical procedure in non-orofacial bone. Skeletal site-specific osteogenesis indicates maxilla and mandible BMSCs are highly proliferative and exhibit osteogenic properties superior to iliac crest BMSCs. Alveolar bone can be easily obtained during routine dental surgery, but it is unclear if titanium-attached alveolar BMSCs will retain their superior osteogenic properties. This study evaluated and compared in vitro osteogenic properties of titanium-attached maxilla and iliac crest BMSCs in same individuals.

Materials and Methods

Primary culture of maxilla and iliac crest BMSCs from four normal healthy volunteers were expanded in culture. In 24-well plates, first passage BMSCs were seeded directly (1 × 104 cells/well) on oxidized titanium discs (1.27cm diameter and 2mm thickness) or tissue culture plate. Each cell type was assessed for affinity for titanium, post-attachment survival and osteogenic differentiation based on alkaline phosphatase and osteopontin expressions.


There was no difference in the affinity of maxilla and iliac crest BMSCs to titanium. However, titanium-attached maxilla BMSCs were apparently more osteogenically responsive than iliac crest cells based on calcium accumulation and gene expression of alkaline phosphatase and osteopontin. But these differences were not statistically significant in this small patient sample.


Maxilla and iliac crest BMSCs have similar attachment affinity for titanium. This pilot study indicate that titanium-attached maxilla BMSCs were more osteogenically responsive and may be a viable and more readily available donor graft material in implant dentistry.

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Date Posted: 10 August 2018

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