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to explore relationships among serum adipokines, vitamin D, clinical and microbial parameters of chronic periodontitis before and after treatment.


weight, height and smoking status were recorded for 56 patients with chronic periodontitis. Plaque, gingivitis, bleeding on probing (BOP), suppuration, pocket depth (PD) and attachment level (AL) were measured at all teeth present. Subgingival biofilm samples from each tooth were analyzed for levels of 40 bacterial species using checkerboard DNA-DNA hybridization. Serum levels of interleukin 6 (IL-6), tumor necrosis factor α (TNF-α), adiponectin, leptin, resistin and vitamin D were measured at baseline. Sample collection was then performed in a subset of the population 6 months post-therapy (n=17). Serum samples were analyzed using ELISA and immunoassays. Differences in clinical, microbial and serum factors among groups were sought using the Mann-Whitney test. Correlations among factors were evaluated using regression analysis. Effects of therapy were sought using the Wilcoxon signed ranks test


There were positive correlations between adiponectin/vitamin D and between IL-6/leptin; negative correlations between IL-6/vitamin D, and leptin/vitamin D, but no associations between serum analytes and clinical or microbial parameters. Gender and BMI were associated with levels of adipokines. Periodontal therapy improved clinical and microbiological parameters, but did not influence the levels of serum analytes.


Adipokines and IL-6 levels were affected by gender and BMI. Serum analytes were not influenced by periodontal therapy.

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This is the pre-peer reviewed version of the following article: [Teles, F. R., Teles, R. P., Martin, L., Socransky, S. S., & Haffajee, A. D. (2012). Relationships among Interleukin‐6, tumor necrosis factor‐α, adipokines, vitamin D, and chronic periodontitis. Journal of Periodontology, 83(9), 1183-1191. doi:10.1902/jop.2011.110346], which has been published in final form at []. This article may be used for non-commercial purposes in accordance with Wiley Terms and Conditions for Use of Self-Archived Versions.


At the time of publication, author Flavia Teles was affiliated with the Forsyth Institute. Currently, she is a faculty member at the School of Dental Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.


adipokines, cytokines, calcitriol, periodontitis, subgingival scaling, biofilm, microbiota

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Date Posted: 25 February 2022

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