Submitting Research to CUREJ

These procedures apply to students who have been notified by the Penn College of Arts and Sciences that their work has been accepted into CUREJ, the College Undergraduate Research Electronic Journal. Before continuing, all authors should have signed and submitted a hardcopy CUREJ Author Agreement. If you have any questions, please contact .

Please adhere to the guidelines below, and then proceed to submit your work here. You may need to first "Create a FREE account". Once you have registered, use your Email address and Password to login to the system.

The system will remind you to gather your relevant files—saved in appropriate formats—and will ask you to accept the terms of the Article Submission Agreement.

about you . . .

You will then be prompted for information about yourself. Enter First Name (or initial + period), Middle Name (or initial + period), and Last Name. Suffix is optional. For Institution, simply enter: University of Pennsylvania

add authors . . .

You will notice that you are already listed as an author. If there are additional authors, click on "Add Author" button.

Ignore Email Address field. Enter First Name (or initial + period), Middle Name (or initial + period), and Last Name. Suffix is optional. For Institution, simply enter: University of Pennsylvania

When finished adding author(s), and they are in the correct order, click on "Continue".

about your submission . . .

TitleEnter title as shown on the paper.

The following HTML tags are recognized by the system and may be used to format a title (use lowercase tags):
<strong>bold</strong> will look like bold
<em>italic</em> will look like italic
n<sub>2</sub> - subscript; will look like n2
n<sup>2</sup> - superscript; will look like n2

Date of this Version
Use the date on the document itself, OR use the file’s save date OR use today’s date (if nothing else available).

Refer to this table to select the appropriate division: Humanities, Natural Sciences, or Social Sciences.

Select your department or program.

Mentor Name
Enter the faculty mentor’s First Name (or initial + period), e.g., Dennis
Middle Name (or initial + period), e.g., M.
Last Name, e.g., DeTurck

Use this area to enter a few major conceptual terms or phrases, if desired. Otherwise leave blank. Enter commas between separate keywords or phrases.

Copy the abstract from the file of the paper itself to paste into the form. CLOSE THE FILE after you do the paste. Review that the paste properly transcribed your text, and revise as necessary. You can use html formatting tags in this section, if desired.

Abstract is formatted as
Choose the appropriate choice from the drop-down menu.

Full text of submission
Note: If you have the paper open, close it.

Here is where you upload the main paper for the work (supplemental files may be uploaded later, if appropriate). In cases where the file is a PDF on a computer, use the "On My Computer" box under "PDF FILE". Use the Browse function to select the correct file. Or look for the option to upload a Word or RTF text file.

If appropriate, enter any relevant annotation or explanatory text to appear on the web page for this paper, either related to the main paper or to any supplementary files. (For example, if you plan to upload a supplementary audio file, you might indicate composer, performer, length of piece, etc.)



You will now have the option to upload one or more supplementary files (e.g., image, audio, etc. files) by clicking on the appropriate hotlink.

Supplementary files
Browse for the appropriate file and enter an appropriate description. Then "Save New File". Repeat the process for as many supplementary files as needed.
When done, simply "Log out" from the system. A College administrator will review your submission and make it publicly available. If you have any further questions, please contact .


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