Resources for Undergraduate Research

Publications Highlighting Undergraduate Research

Several departments and programs have publications which profile undergraduate research. Browse their web sites for information about contributing to or receiving their publication.

Various science departments contribute to:
PennScience: Journal of Undergraduate Research

Department of History:
Penn History Review: Journal of Undergraduate Historians

Critical Writing Program:
res: a journal of undergraduate research

Department of Earth and Environmental Science:
Senior Research Conference

Department of Political Science:
Sound Politicks

Department of Psychology:
Perspectives in Psychology: The Undergraduate Psychology Journal of the University of Pennsylvania


ScholarlyCommons@Penn is a repository of scholarly output of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania. Scholars at Penn can use it to disseminate, publicize, and archive their work. Researchers and other interested readers can use it to learn about and keep up-to-date with Penn scholarship from anywhere in the world.

Resesarch at Penn

A University-wide database.

Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships (CURF)

CURF provides information, advice, resources and encouragement to undergraduates interested in individual research.

Research Directory for Undergraduates

CURF maintains a database of Penn faculty and researchers interested in having undergraduates involved in their research.

Fellowships and Grants

Hamilton College House maintains a comprehensive database of fellowships and grants that includes programs administered by national and international granting agencies as well as programs sponsored by Penn.

Undergraduate Research Grants Administered by CURF

CURF also maintains a database to help undergraduates find funding for their research.

Penn Summer Research Internships

The College sponsors 20 summer research internships at area cultural, historical and educational organizations.

Communication Within the University (CWiC)

The CWiC Emerging Scholars Talks honors students with both strong research projects and superior speaking abilities by providing those students with a public forum in which to talk about their academic work.

Departmental Web Sites

Several departments and programs have web sites with information about undergraduate research in that field.


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